Yes, this was a Test

Yes, this is a Test
by Miles Mathis
First published March 18, 2020
I keep going back to Neil Degrasse Tyson admitting to Steven Colbert this corona fake is a test on the
Late Show. “A test to see if we will believe scientists.” Sorry, Neil, I fail that one with a score of zero.
I don’t trust you or Steven at all. In fact, I don’t even believe you are a real scientist. I think you are
just an actor reading from Teleprompters. But there is one thing I know for sure: no one pushing this
coronahoax deserves the name of scientist, no matter what degrees he may have or what chair he may
But that is not why I am here today. I am here because watching that clip made me realize how utterly
lost these people like Tyson, Colbert, and those feeding them scripts really are. To see them smiling
broadly and saying this stuff to canned applause was like watching damned spirits running gleefully
through the gates of Hell. Because, yes, Neil, this is a test, but it isn’t a test by you and your cabal on
us unwashed masses, to see what level of your lies we will buy this month. It is a test UPON YOU,
one that you aren’t even aware you are taking.
All of life is a test, for everyone alive. We are all writing our own stories day by day, and the form
those stories take determine the advancement of our spirits. So as the governors write these grand
fictions, they aren’t only trying to determine your response, for their greater profit and control, they are
unwittingly writing their own life stories, where they have accepted the role of bad guy. They appear
to think it all doesn’t matter, since life is a stage anyway, where the bad guy is the best role—besides
being the most profitable one. But in thinking this way they have trapped themselves in this lowest
level of thought and existence, ignoring the level above that. This is a grave error, because the level
above determines the value of everything at their level. Being trapped in this lowest level, they think
value is determined by bank accounts or mundane authority, but it isn’t. Value is determined by
spiritual enrichment: has the story you have written about yourself made you a bigger, better person, or
has it made you a smaller, nastier person? Watching Tyson and Colbert leaves us in no least doubt:
they are becoming smaller and nastier by the minute, so those controlling them must be digressing even
We see the same thing with someone like Tom Hanks, who started out cute and cuddly back in the Big
or Splash days, but is now turning himself into some sort of lying monster. He looks effing awful, and
it isn’t just because he is getting old. . . it is because he has chosen to join the monsters.
Yes, he’s 63 now, but he’s looked like garbage for two decades now. The last time he looked decent
was in Castaway, but that was 20 years ago. You have to ask why his eyes are disappearing into his
face, and why he looks so forlorn, so castaway. You will say it is because he isn’t sleeping, but ask
yourself why he isn’t sleeping. We see this look on all these people, since it is what we might call their
signature. As perhaps the best example we see the same phenomenon from James Franco, another one
from the families. He is only 41 but his eyes have been disappearing into his face since he was 25.
When he hits 63, will he even be able to see at all?
It is doubtful, since all these people seem to be blind to what the rest of us know by heart: evil has
consequences. Lying, stealing, and hoaxing aren’t just games you are playing on a stupid populace,
they are real events imprinting directly on your own spirits. As you become smaller, you look smaller.
As you become nastier, you look nastier. It isn’t rocket science. And even more important than the
way your face looks, is the way your soul looks. Because once you die, you can ditch your face, but
you can’t ditch your soul. You have to carry it into your next life, and once you get there I assure you
you will wish you had taken better care of it before.
But this is the way of it, and always has been. It is said that the bad test the good, but it is actually the
reverse that is more true now. I am testing these people far more than they are testing me. People like
me put huge pressure on the governors, and I am not talking about as a matter of avoiding revolution.
Revolution is another mundane matter, a series of arbitrary events which—like everything else—are
important only as a test of spirit. A backdrop on which your story is written. The pressure I put on
them is by simply being a messenger of the truth—a truth that they and everyone else already knows.
But in the hurly-burly, this truth gets buried and lost. The governors spend trillions burying it on
purpose, and the rest of their time is spent in denial. So my existence is like an accelerant. The gods
and muses insert me into the mix to speed up the outcome: the governors can’t fool around any longer
pretending they aren’t who they know they are. In response to me they have to make a choice: back off
and admit the con is already far too large to maintain, or continue to accelerate the con and hope it
doesn’t backfire on them. I have already given them that choice and shown them how easy it would be
to go back. But we can see that they are choosing to go forward, and to accelerate events beyond all
reason. In so doing, they are choosing to self-destruct even faster than they were before.
This is what I meant when I said before that the revolution is already proceeding. It has been
happening for over a decade, as a worm in the minds of these people. The truth has been eating away
at them year by year, as we can see from their response. No event is clearer evidence of that than his
corona event, since it reeks of desperation, confusion, and miscalculation. It shows me that it isn’t just
the visible dweebs online who crumble under the least pressure, as we have seen in my droll battles
with the various internet trolls. Even the biggest of the invisible big boys don’t have any idea how to
deal with those such as me. They are long prepared for anything. . . except reality. They can deflect
any attack. . . except a messenger of the Muse walking straight up to them and telling them the truth.
That is the one thing not on their lists, the one thing they have no contingency plan for.
Someone on Cuttingthroughthefog suggested this coronahoax was a message from the Cabal to me,
showing me the power they have to move the masses around at will. But unfortunately I got just the
opposite message, as you see. This event confirmed to me my own power, not theirs. In just the last
month I have come to understand who I am, even more than before, which is very bad news for them. I
won’t tell you exactly what I know or how I know it, but while many think things are flying out of
control, I can tell you just the opposite is true. On a spiritual level, things on this planet are finally
firming up after decades or centuries of flab. Things are happening, and you should be glad of it.
Welcome the test, whatever it is, since it will provide you with the opportunity to do good deeds. I say
this to the governors as well. Your opportunity to turn around is and will be greater than even before,
and more obvious. I suggest you take it. Only you can rewrite your own story.
If you are still not getting it, let me put it yet another way. The narrative is being pushed by some at
Cutting that this latest hoax is the beginning of martial law, forced vaccines, chipping, the whole Alex
Jones prison planet thing. I don’t think it is. I think it is just the latest bluff, floated to create fear. But
say it IS a pretext for that, and that we are moving into some sort of Mordor future. Sounds awful, but
ask yourself who it will be worst for. In Mordor, who would be the most miserable? The lowest
goblin or orc? No, the most miserable person in Mordor is. . . Sauron himself. But we don’t have to
take Tolkien’s word for it, or Dante’s or Milton’s. All we have to do is look around.
The first, Soros, looks like he hasn’t slept since about 1960. Then we have a Rothschild and a
Rockefeller. Rockefeller was always smiling after about 1990, but that is because he had that grin
surgically implanted on his face. But it is the eyes that tell us everything, as always.
I will be told by actual Rothschilds or Rockefellers that once in you can’t get out. You can’t “turn
around” or go straight, because you aren’t allowed to. But that is the usual bluff. As a human, your
freedom is infinite from birth and never lessens. You can do anything you wish. Some things are more
difficult, it is true, but nothing is impossible. The more difficult things are simply the more meaningful.
You will tell me you will actually be killed if you cross your family. I don’t think you will be, but even
if you are, it is far better than to continue to spiral down into the abyss with them. Make the turn, and if
they kill you that is their bad. Your death is not a mark upon your soul, but it will be a mark on theirs.
Some will answer me that they have no evidence of this higher world I am talking about. But they
know about granddad’s henchmen, because they have witnessed them. My answer to that is that if you
have witnessed your granddad and his henchmen, you have witnessed all the proof of a higher world
you require. Simply by calling them henchmen, you have admitted you know they are bad. If you
know about bad, you also know about good. Given that, and only that, you are required to do good.
You were born knowing that, so pretending otherwise is useless. Pretending you have no
“evidence” won’t fly. You aren’t fooling anyone by pretending that the gods need to give you more
evidence than that: that they are required to appear in some burning bush to you personally and give
you detailed instructions. They aren’t and won’t, but their expectations of you haven’t changed. They
are what they always have been, and you know it.
I put it that way because the time for parables is over. The time for allegories and metaphors is over. If
you need detailed instructions, this is all you are going to get. You are hereby reminded that the gods
know you know these things, and any bag of lame excuses won’t even be opened. You won’t even be
allowed to present evidence or make arguments, since your life already stands as your evidence and
argument. The evidence and arguments are already made.
You will say, “Then there is no point to turning around. I have already done more evil than I can ever
atone for, so I might as well continue on as is.” Wrong. That is just the lazy “once a devil always a
devil argument”, and you are born knowing it is false. If there were no chance of redemption, you
wouldn’t need to be born in the first place. Writing a new story would be pointless. So the very fact
you are here disproves it. THE REASON YOU ARE HERE IS TO TURN AROUND. So best get on
with it. The only thing that is pointless is continuing to be evil tomorrow, since it is just wasted time.
It is like time spent hoeing rocks or watering cement. Or, to be more exact, it is like time spent
investing in ugly pills, and taking one every morning.
You may laugh, but like everything else, this is indeed far simpler than people generally make it.
Spiritual matters are made complex, convoluted, and esoteric as another form of pretense. People
pretend this is all too difficult for humans to comprehend, hoping that will be accepted as some sort of
excuse. But do you really think you are fooling anyone with that? Don’t you think the gods will see
through that in a second? As I said, they gave you this knowledge of good and evil as part of your
package at birth. They know that and you know that, so denying it won’t fly. Saying you were tricked
by L. Ron Hubbard or Joseph Smith or Ram Dass or Steven Spielberg isn’t going to mean anything.
Nor is the plea that you were born into a “materialistic” time, and just did what everyone else was
doing. That argument didn’t work with your dad when you were four, so what makes you think it is
going to fool the gods? “But Dad, everyone else was stealing gumballs!”
But if you need detailed instruction, I will give you a bit more. You had better start taking this
seriously immediately, because it is deadly serious. Tending your own spirit and writing your own
story is job one. It is the only job you are capable of. It is why you are here. All else is subordinate to
I’ll tell you something else: the rags-to-riches story has been done and no one above is impressed by it.
Same for the riches-to-riches story. Least impressive of all is the riches-to-riches story posing as the
rags-to-riches story. That isn’t fooling anyone and never has. The gods would rather read a bawdy
limerick than read that old sham again.
There are an infinity of possible stories of virtue, and only a few of them have so far been attempted. I
can tell you from experience that the gods are thrilled beyond words by any attempt at creativity, and
will take time out of their busy schedules to assist new stories and storytellers.
This is why the revolution is proceeding and why it is unstoppable. It is not a revolution of guns or
marching in the streets, so it can’t be stopped by the National Guard. And, counter-intuitively, it isn’t a
revolution of the lower class against the upper. The only revolution that has any meaning at this time is
a revolution of people against themselves. Bad people have to fall out of love with their own lousy
stories, and they can only do that once they really comprehend just how awful those stories are. That is
why I am here: to grab them and drag them forcibly from their own stages, making them see how paltry
and vulgar it all is. But also to give them an idea of what else is possible.
In the end, all of life is revolutionary. The life of each person is a potential or real revolution every
morning, as they choose or don’t choose to write new and better things about themselves. In this sense,
life only has worth as revolution. For plants and animals, the point of life would appear to be to do the
same things they have always done, since there is no need to turn around, or any possibility of it. They
appear to be fine as they are. But humans are not born on that cycle. They appear to be born with huge
amounts of baggage from prior lives, baggage they cannot jettison. Even the best of us are weighted
down with strange impulses and weird imaginings. We are at battle with ourselves from the first day.
Many interpret this as a curse, but it is simply a function of our ability to grow very quickly. With that
ability comes the opposite ability: the ability to crash very quickly. But you can’t have one without the
other, you see. So we are always either growing or diminishing, but rarely standing still. Hence, as we
grow, we are always at the same time dealing with past crashes, which haunt us. And, being at a low or
middle stage of development, not that far above the animals, our crashes are frequent and horrendous,
and our memory of them is recent. We are like a puppy just learning to walk, but with a much better
memory than the puppy. Which is why I imagine the gods have special pity for us. They have not
cursed us or damned us to this place. Just the opposite in fact. We are overwatched and tended
lovingly, for if we were not the planet would have crumbled into absolute chaos long ago.
The gods are often blamed for allowing the Earth to be such a hellhole, but surely most of you have
occasionally thought the opposite. I know that when I look around me, I am amazed not at how bad
things are, but even now how good. As just the easiest example, I have never understood how the
freeways are not clogged with huge piles of wrecks everyday. Given what we know people are, you
would expect your average person to be in about ten crashes a day. In a major city, that average person
should not last a week on the highways. So, you can either blame the gods for the 45,000 deaths per
year in cars in the US, or you can thank them for the billions of non-deaths every year, that could have
happened but didn’t. You will say that if they could prevent billions, they could prevent them all,
which may be true. I suppose we all have a destined end, and some of us are in a car when that time
In conclusion, although you may fear a Mordor scenario in the near future, frankly I do not. It didn’t
happen after 911, didn’t happen after Ebola, and won’t happen after this or 5G. These people are not
capable of that sort of control, since they aren’t even capable of the current levels. And if they were, I
don’t believe the gods would allow it. What they have proved themselves capable of is shooting
themselves in the foot over and over, while making things more and more inconvenient for us. I for
one am happy to accept the added temporary inconvenience if it means that they will graduate from
shooting off their own feet to shooting off their own legs. At that point maybe they will realize the
path they are on simply isn’t worth walking.
I want to tack on a comment about “social distancing”, one of the most perverse and transparent
gambits they have ever come up with. My readers spotted this one immediately as a continuation of
the split-the-sexes project, whereby people are separated from one another on purpose, creating all sorts
of anxieties that then require drugging and many other sorts of compensation. Lonely miserable people
spend far more money than happy couples, and not just on drugs.
But this new social distancing thing serves double duty, since the governors hope it will keep people
from talking face-to-face. If they aren’t talking face-to-face, it is hoped that most talk of push-back or
other revolution will be squelched. You see, they want you quiet, but if you have to talk, they want you
online or on the phone, where they can track you and control you. They figure you will self-police
online, since you know many others are listening. While you might feel free to say what you think
face-to-face, online you will develop a persona, and the persona of most people online is one of
anonymity and reserve. No one is going to seriously talk revolution online, because that would be
stupid. Plus, online they can surround you with huge levels of noise. Whatever you say or wherever
you say it, they can hire thousands of people to show up and drown it out with misdirection, lies, and
other confusion.
So, one sort of specific revolution I am not afraid to call for right now is for you to very conspicuously
ignore this social distancing recommendation. Do not stay home, do not distance yourself from people,
and do not obey illegal orders from your government, federal or local. The Constitution cannot be
suspended and has not been, and according to that you have the right to assembly. This current scare is
just a bluff, and they know it is unenforceable, which is why they are trying to get you to police
yourselves. They want you doing all this voluntarily, but I very strongly recommend you don’t. That is
what Neil Tyson’s admission was all about: it is a test to see if you will voluntarily give up your rights,
and how far they can push you in that. Can they get you to lockdown yourselves, without even passing
a law? Tell them no. If fact, this is a great time to disobey orders from police concerning these things,
since those orders would have no legal backing. If you got arrested and had to spend any time in jail,
you would have the perfect excuse for a lawsuit, by which you could make very good money. If they
rough you up, you can make even more. You could live for a decade on your proceeds from such a
thing, so just remember that.
If you own a business like a restaurant and you have been told to shut down, don’t do it without a court
order or a definite legal writ. The request is just a request, and beyond that is a bluff. If they threaten
you with further action, tell them to get to it. It won’t happen, because there is no legal authority
behind any of this. And if it does happen, you can sue later and live on that the rest of your life.
You may think I am way out on a limb here, but you may be interested to know that former
Congressman Ron Paul is saying pretty much the same thing. The difference is, Paul concedes that
corona may have killed 100 people in the US. I don’t concede that it has killed any. Corona, defined as
some new dangerous strain they are calling COVID19, is totally manufactured. And I don’t mean
manufactured in a lab. I mean manufactured on paper, and played out on a stage. I concede that some
old people are dying of respiratory problems from flu symptoms, but they always are. It is nothing
new. The fact is, corona strains have been around for a long time, and these strains almost always work
in tandem. Furthermore, it is impossible to determine which of a multitude of strains caused the death.
These new deaths are assigned to corona simply to fit the script, which is why I say the numbers have
no medical basis. As Paul admits, they are massaged from the ground up, and this scare has nothing to
do with preventing the spread of disease and everything to do with abetting the intentional spread of
fear. Do not allow this to succeed. Do not be afraid. I’m not. Be angry.

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