Who are the Peace makers today?

It seems to me that the revolutionary pro European Union Demonstrators took over the elected president of Ukraine a little to quickly, for me to believe in  a grass root revolution. Similar to Syria, similar to Egypt, similar to Yugoslavia and on and on. No good thing is accomplished with violent upheavels in history as I see it.  Revolution begets revolution. But here we see another mans opinion of the new alignments in the world who is coming from a traditional Christian point of view and not a follower of Dominionist Evangelical thinking. Something to consider that you won’t see on your nightly FOX Channel:


The Peacemakers

peacemakersThe real PeacemakersI read Matthew 5:9 where Jesus says, “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God” Then I look a two kinds of Peace makers in todays news, and I ask, “who do you think appear to be making peace? Who are the children of God? who are the others then?


Lets pray for peace for the Mideast and Russia, especially with Sochi Winter Olympics.  I pray for Gods Mercy to give us a little more peace. Peace for my children and my grandchildren’s world.

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