How did I survive the scamdemic? I knew it was a bio arm from the Communist people party and that the vaccination would not stop until they destroyed our freedom from the West and all around the world.

That was 2020 but I not only survived I grew stronger!

Since then, I refused to be monitored and cared for by the medical system. They close the gyms, isolated older people and destroyed all business that did not rely on their controlled internet networks. They sent us to stores that only profited those causing all the fear for profit. They destroy countless lives and the dreams of our children and grand children.

I was at war because I knew this was no pandemic but a war and at first I was looking for an enemy to fight. I was ready to leave my wife. I had made the choice to leave the USA and become a Canadian and now I could no longer leave my prison without losing my wife who I married for “better or worse” I was the only one with an American passport and could leave when ever I wanted but never come home to Canada!

My Bunker Man Cave Gym

I started doing push ups on my fists. I am now 69 going on 70 and I am in great shape. I continue today to train in my basement and made my own Gym to be in shape because the enemies were hoping to get rid of me and our generation of gray haired wisdom of experience. I knew that so I decided to prepare for the war.

I started lifting 20 to 30 lbs dumbbell with a bench I would religiously carry to all my hotels as I was still working as a QA steel inspector. I would get away from my wife to have some freedom to evangelize. She is not on the same page yet and I had to have these projects just to be away in another town place tracts and being a Jesus Freak and I am proud of it.

But somewhere through all the trials I was changed to become stronger, more loving and more like Christ. I had some major bouts with not a person but my own demons. I had to die to my plans and when I sacrificed I found more strength and power of the Holy spirit in me.

I refused to be vaccinated and my wife did not support me at all. I went to see my family, my three daughters and 6 grandchildren in new England and then my sister and family in new jersey. I did a two week trip and had to do all these apps and tests to be in a quarantine imprisoned in a hotel for 2 weeks with the risk of jail of ONE MILLION DOLLAR fines, but I did it and got closer to God. I was in the room (one of my favorite suites I had when working) and it was like a spiritual retreat for me. I did a lot of praying and that was May 2021.

I had planned to use the excuse of seeing my children when I was more interested in scuba diving one more time in Los Cabos Mexico. I had broke my depth record at 100 ft in nov 2019, But I was redirect by God. He closed that door. I was too tired and stressed to arrange all he hotels and flights. But after a day of grief feeling like a part of me died a moved on and saw the real reason unfold. I was there to minister to all my family the love of God. I saw miracle and was moved around by the holy spirit to be in the right places and the right time.

But I was still learning to become stronger in love and less in love with myself. It was a painful process. I realized coming back I may never see my family in the USA again. I still wanted to leave Canada and hated the tyrrany of the socialist government so bad I could not stand it. I was so ready to leave my wife to find my freedom. She seemed happy to be with her family and I was never going to see mine! I was full of resentment and anger. It took a lot to surrender to His will but I was learning that every time I sacrificed for Love, love made my faith stronger.

I had been a resident for about 10 years and carried one travel document to re-enter Canada. But on Dec 20 I was called to a zoom meeting Citizenship ceremony to find I had to cut my card and lose my right to re-enter Canada until I had a Canadian passport. I had to apply and I am still waiting. The Lord willing I will have that in a few weeks. But the day I won my Canadian citizenship evey one congradulated me. All I could say was “thanks Comrads” because now I felt like nothing achieved. I had less freedom than when I was a permament resident. I was cynical and depressed because it looked like I chose the wrong country to finish my days in.

I had almost up and left my wife once a few months back after a disagreement between who is your master? Trudeau or Jesus? And I could not leave my wife then. I cried and died and realized love bears and endures all things ALL! I could not leave because I did realize I could not leave my wife and doggie behind. And this time when I got my Citizenship I bough a bottle of brandy and drank myself drunk, blanked out and got possessed by the devil I think.

I fell but I keep getting up, I had a brother in Christ in New York and I called him, He exhorted me in strong words and I realized I needed it. So I changed my course ate a lot of humble pie and apologized to my wife.

I am still working out in my basement and writing a lot, I am concentrate on praying and winning my unsaved love ones, like my wife, our two grand-daughers and their family. I am being like Christ and showing them not with words so much but self sacrificing love as Christ would. When I go out though I am doing all I can to spread Jesus to ever one I can, even at my steel jobs. I have learned Spanish for Mexico but Canada hires lots of Mexicans and Columbians so I can talk now with them about EL Senor where ever I go to work. Let the will of the Lord be done is my prayer ever day.

I also pass my time with my mineral collection in my photography studio. Yes my passion is prospecting for minerals to photograph and share on the internet such as my group on facebook :

And an international mineral data base called

Man Cave mineral studips

I want to share my personal way of dealing with the oppressors. I refuse to let them cause bitterness in me and I forgive my wife and family for being such good little “Conrades” I forgive more and more and pray for love more and more. Because Love never fails and if I do all without love I am nothing. I want to be as big as God a be filled with His love. I want my life to count while I am here and leave an impact for His Kingdom, not myself. But doing that I am getting more mature and stronger

working out in the woods with Molita

When I was supposed to be in lock down with the socialist lock downs I would find a new way to amuse myself. I would take my 8 pound Chihuahua with me on all these prospecting trips looking to document new mines and prospects. This is why I call myself the Truthprospector. I have two passions in life. One is scuba diving and the life in the Ocean. The other is minerals and geology. So in 2020 I spent most of my time making trips all around my area of Quebec looking for mines and minerals with my little dog dauther Molly

I became so close to this dog. No one can tell me she will not be in Paradise with me when the Lord returns to restore the world back to what it is supposed to be. She was given to me and Guylaine my wife when Covid just started and she is the cement that saved me and my marriage time and time again. She sleeps with us, and although the devil has tried destroying our love for each other over politics and religion, she kept us together. We both have grown to love her as our baby and there is no child custody over the board in time of war. So we had to stay together through all the times we hated each other we still loved our dog daughter and made our relation work for her little home. Crazy as it seem it worked she was a gift from God in his good providence.

She still is the thing we can always agree on. But after I gave up trying to run away from muy new family in Canada I began to realize this is where God wants me. I was learning more of what surrender to His will means and meekness. But there is power when you are meekness because when you give up and surrender to God’s will, who can be against you? No one can go against Gods plans!

Even though we could no longer go to Wildwood NJ like every summer I took my WIfe and dog daugther Molly on trips in Quebec and learned to love shoveling snow!

My Lovely Wife

So I do not thank the New world Chaos, or Fauci or the corrupt socialist communistic take over. But I thank God that He is alive and powerful to allow me at 69 not to survive but thrive and grow in spite of all of them! God is Greater in every situation!

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