There is much concern about the vaccinations being the mark because you can’t really move, or buy or sell without it. But that is not what its is really about. It is about your God. IS your God always pouring his wrath on people who are not good enough? OR is you God always pouiring His love and every one? And the god of this world is always trying to steal from you all God gave you. OR trying to kill Christians or trying to keep the masses away from Christ by teaching lies at church. WHich is your God? How can you worship a God that pours wrath? HE does not but He did His best to keep us out of the devils hands and still is!
I believe if we know God, we worship Him for His Goodness and that is the God I have no trouble worshiping. if you thing God is the God of the Apocalypse and you forgot Jesus you have confused the devil for God and I would not worship Him either.
SO the mark? it is not just an outside thing that any one can force on you. We are sealed with the Holy spirit and we can know God is Good all the time.
We who worship the God came in the form ofJesus. We are sealed, signeed and hermetically protected from the “wrath” or absense of God.
But we are seeing who knows this God and those who need to be shown that GOD is not the God of the Book of Apocalypse but the God. No He is the God in the life of Jesus Christ in Mat, Mar, Luke and John!
Those who know Him will worship a good God. Those who do not know and are kept in the dark will worship their governments, covid, vaccination programs, government sancitoned religiion and they need to be shown JESUS!!!!!!!! OR THEY WILL BE LOST!!!
That is my opinion,. WHat is yours?

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