No matter what you call it…..Easter, Eid, or Bunny day. He is Risen from the grave. He conquered death for those who believe in Him…… I believe,..

So nothing you can say or do can change the fact I have Him living in my soul and I am heading to a better place every single day.

I am not alone but with a family of believers and we are waiting for the final chapter of this eternal life. Yes after death has reared his ugly death we shall all laugh, Because

He IS RISEN we are Risen as well. We have a new life different from before, WE HAVE BEEN CHANGED FROM DEAD TO ALIVE!

A life that does no longer fear death and cannot be controled by the threats that M r Death will throw at us. No we are going to Paradise and a world where death is no more. We are passing through a dead kingdom where fear and death is King but we are bringing many many many with us, out of it.

We are celebrating not just spring, or flowers or even bunnies the come to life every year but more. We are celebrating their Creator. We are Celebrating the Open Tomb. And nothing you can do can keep us sealed in fear anymore! We are alive and free! Really alive and do not care what the government or servants of the world systems say. Nothing can change the fact:

He is Risen and He said

Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; John 11:25 NIV

So Happy Easter to all my european Christians leaning on pagan fertility gods such as “Ēostre (“Anglo-Saxon goddess (of the dawn” Or perhaps Ishtar Goddess of A goddess of fertilitylovesex and war

So Happy Passover to all my Jewish brethren because He was our Passover lamb. Joyuese Paques to all my French speaking family.

Frohe Ostern to all my German family! счастливая Пасха to my Russian brothers and sisters! feliz pascua to my Spanish brothers! felice pasqua to my Italian side. Eid Fash Saeid to all the Arab brothers in Christ! Call it what you will but just believe that Jesus is RISEN!!

And we are RIsen with Him and we are all ONE Family heading home.

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