Satanists Took the Christ Out of Christmas

December 23, 2022

A friend’s eight-year-old boy complained that his class cannot celebrate Christmas although 19 of 20 kids are Christian. The twentieth is Jewish, and guess what, they are learning about Chanukah!  The boy made a bewildered face, as if to say, what’s going on?  What’s going on is that the goyim are being inducted into a Satanic cult called Cabalist Judaism. What more proof do you need? The best response is to celebrate the birth of Christ with more fervour than ever before.

Christmas Was Crucified Again

Updated a few times from Dec 23, 2005

By Henry Makow PhD.

Each year, Christmas becomes a fading a reflection of Christmas’ past.  What do the Satanist Jews have against Jesus?

He is the antithesis of the up-side-down world they are creating. Jesus taught that God is Love, and he loves everyone equally. He taught that God is a moral force – Morality is the Fourth Dimension. We must ascend the grease-pole of Consciousness if we are to know the true grandeur of human life.

They reject God and hate Jesus. The covidscam is a war against God, Love, and humanity, and it’s going to get worse. The “Great Reset” is Communism.    

Agenda 2030 is literally Agenda 1984. They are determined to degrade, dispossess and enslave us.  WAKE UP FOLKS!  (Satanism Explained)

I repost this 2005 article to show that Satanists have been cancelling Christmas for a long time.

“Did you enjoy the Holiday Concert?” the school principal asked my friend.

“Yes, but why didn’t you call it a Christmas Concert?’

“Oh I can’t. The Superintendent said the concert must be inclusive of all the diverse cultures in the school. We are not allowed to mention Christmas, Christ, or Jesus.”

My friend was bewildered. The school is 95% Christian. Yet all the carols with Christian references were performed as instrumentals. Instead they recited “In Flanders Fields,” a poem commemorating the dead from World War One!

This humiliating scene was replayed millions of times this Christmas season. Some Christian groups even boycotted retailers who dropped the word Christmas from their advertising. Celebrating the central Christian holiday, and even saying “Merry Christmas” has become a political act.

Why has this happened? The answer isn’t pretty. The world financial elite wants to eradicate Christianity. Their forerunners crucified Christ. Christianity gives everyone a piece of the pie and elitists want it all for themselves.

According to Christianity, all human beings were created in God’s image, i.e. Divine Truth resides in every soul. Accordingly, God loves everyone equally and human life is sacred. Our birthright is to know God by following Christ’s teachings. 

On the other hand, the New World Order wants to corrupt and debase humanity and snuff out any spark of Divinity. They want to allot us “human rights” (which they determine) instead of acknowledging our God given rights. You see, animals are better to herd and cull.


In a truly pluralistic society, all major religions would be officially recognized. This is especially true of Christianity, the founding heritage practised by 80% of Americans.

In our society however, some people are in George Orwell’s words, “more equal than others.” “Diversity” is a devious ploy to subjugate the Christian majority. Christians have to take a back seat to 1.5% of Jews for whom Chanukah is an insignificant holiday that doesn’t even fall on December 25 half of the time. (I won’t mention “Kwanza” since most Blacks are Christian.)

To degrade humanity, the elite has to dynamite the four pillars of human identity: race, religion, nation and family. Just as it promotes homosexuality and fe-manism to undermine family, it uses Jewish holidays to destroy Christianity.

The truth is that most Jews and other non-Christians would be happy to make Christmas an official national holiday. Some Jews and Muslims even started groups to promote the authentic celebration of Christmas. No one can object to the spirit of Divine Love and human brotherhood that Christ represents. It is the heart and soul of Christmas.

No one objects except the foreign-based central bankers and the monolithic occult (i.e. Masonic) political and cultural establishment that they employ.

Masons are behind the spurious division of religion and state. In his book “Unholy Alliances” Dr. James Wardner points out that the Supreme Court had a Masonic majority during the 30-year period 1941-1971 when the court “erected a wall separating the religious from the secular. It was an epoch when prayer and Bible reading were erased from public education…” (P.72)

Paul Fisher (in “Behind the Lodge Door”) suggests, “Masons have succeeded in having their religion dominate American society.” (P.244)

“Freemasonry historically has been a revolutionary worldwide movement organized to advance Cabbalistic Gnosticism; to undermine and …destroy Christianity; to infuse Masonic philosophy into key government structures; and to subvert any government which does not comport with Masonic principles.” (P.16)

The destruction of Christianity is a main goal of Communism, a spawn of the banking elite through its Masonic arm. Communist/Masonic governments persecuted and murdered Christians in Russia, China, Spain, Mexico, France etc.


The attack on Christmas is part of a wider war on Christianity in the USA.

Incredible as it sounds, a US Navy Chaplain is being fired because he insists on praying “in Jesus’ name.” He went on a hunger strike to persuade President Bush to rectify this situation. Seventy-three Congressmen wrote Oct 25 letter, that while 80% of soldiers are Christians, “it is increasingly difficult for Christian Chaplains to use the name of Jesus when praying.” (Washington Times, Dec. 21, 205)

If Jews were subjected to this persecution, there would be howls of “anti-Semitism” yet Christians meekly accept it. There isn’t a murmur when a Jewish judge lets a man blasphemously change his name to Jesus Christ two days before Christmas. But examine the exact dimensions of the Jewish holocaust and all hell breaks loose.

George W. Bush who claimed to be a born-again Christian is in fact a member of the Satanic (Masonic) “Skull and Bones.” He sent a “Happy Holiday” card from the White House. Nevertheless the House of Representative fought hard to have the Capitol Christmas Tree called that and passed a symbolic resolution upholding Christmas “symbols and traditions”.

Meanwhile when Homeland Security Commissar Michael Chertoff lighted a Chanukah Menorah, nobody suggested that it be called a “Holiday Candle.”

Using guilt generated by the Jewish holocaust, the elitists are conditioning Christians to defer to Jews and meekly forfeit their beliefs and institutions. Naturally, this is causing anti-Semitism.

Happily, some Christians are standing up. There was uproar in a Long Island community when a Jewish town Supervisor interrupted a Catholic priest who evoked Christ when blessing a Christmas tree at a lighting ceremony.

“This is inappropriate,” the Supervisor said. “I just want to make it clear that this is in no way a religious ceremony.”

“I have to tell you that Manhasset is in an uproar,” said Christine Roberts, who is Jewish herself. “It really was the wrong thing to say at the wrong time. There is a lot of hostility going around. Angry letters to the editor?angry conversations. Insanity has absolutely overtaken this town.” The Supervisor later apologized.(“Christmas Debate at Manhasset Tree Lighting,” Dec.9)

In a wider context, a high school student in Pittsfield MA refused to wear a yellow Star of David; similar to the ones the Nazis forced Jews to wear. It was part of an exercise to “teach empathy.”

Samantha Gage, 13, said: “Many people won’t learn anything except that their religion (if they’re not Jewish) isn’t good enough and that being Jewish or expressing Jewish symbols is a better religion and the only way to get the grades we deserve.”

Not all Jews are part of this ruling caste but only those Jews (and non-Jews) who work for the central bankers through the web of corporations, foundations, media holdings, universities etc. that constitutes the US Establishment.

The majority of Jews like myself want no part of the New World Order, which actually plans to stamp out true Judaism (and Jews) along with Christianity and Christians. (see “seal the door where evil dwells” )

But the bankers would love to deflect hostility against all Jews, not just the ones that work for them. This way opposition to their malevolent plan can be dismissed as hate and prejudice.


We keep hearing alarming reports that the United States is becoming a Christian theocracy. This is funny given the treatment Christmas is receiving. Martin Luther King merits a national holiday but not Christ.

Jay Leno made the point that it’s OK to name Halloween. “So we have a holiday for Demons and Witches but not one for Christ?” (Very telling.) He heard the movie “Miracle on 34th Street” was being re-titled “Coincidence on 34th Street.”

Next year Christians must boycott all events and stores that pass Christmas off as a generic holiday. They must organize counter events, which are authentic celebrations. 

Christ said: “So every one who acknowledges me before men, I will acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven; but whoever denies me before men, I also will also deny before my Father who is in heaven.” (Mathew 10:32-33)

Then he said:“Do not think that I have come to bring peace on earth; I have not come to bring peace but a sword.”

We can no more take religion out of national life than we can take light out of a room without being left in darkness. The new treatment of Christmas is more proof that we are being subjected to a stealth campaign of behaviour modification. The only way to stop the downward spiral is for the US to accept Christianity as its official religion, as part of a religious revival that would involve putting the current criminal satanic leadership in jail and getting out of Iraq.

In Israel, Jews have no trouble mentioning Passover. Christians also need a national homeland where they can officially observe their beliefs. What better place than the United States?


L’amour est. Le mot original pour amour (agapē) est le même mot utilisé pour décrire Dieu dans 1 Jean 4:8. “Dieu est amour.” Puisque Dieu est la source et la définition de l’amour inconditionnel, ce merveilleux passage sur l’amour, peut aussi être lu comme une image du vrai caractère de Dieu. Dieu est patient et bon. Il ne se laisse pas facilement provoquer et ne tient pas compte du mal. Dieu supporte tout, croit tout, espère tout et endure tout. Dieu ne fait jamais défaut.

1Jo 4:8

Celui qui n’aime pas ne connaît pas Dieu, car Dieu est amour.

1Co 13:1

Si je parle les langues des hommes et des anges, et si je n’ai pas la charité (l’amour), je suis comme l’airain qui sonne, ou comme une cymbale qui tinte.

Nous pouvons faire beaucoup de choses. Des œuvres sans amour. Nous pouvons aussi être motivés par la peur. La peur de Dieu. La peur du prêtre et la peur de l’église ou la peur de notre gouvernement. Mais cela ne va pas nous faire grandir, nous devons grandir dans l’amour et prospérer dans l’amour. L’amour de Dieu d’abord. Ensuite, les œuvres suivront naturellement et nous grandirons pour être comme Dieu.

La peur ne vient pas de Dieu mais de l’ennemi. Si nous pensons que nous pouvons travailler dur pour gagner l’amour de Dieu, nous sommes trompés par l’ennemi. C’est un mensonge. Nous sommes aimés inconditionnellement par Dieu parce qu’il est amour et ce chapitre de la lettre de Paul explique ce qu’il est.

C’est une image de l’amour et beaucoup la mettent sur leur réfrigérateur et l’oublient.

Elle a été placée là où elle est pour une bonne raison. Les corinthiens avaient perdu de vue l’amour et étaient occupés à essayer d’impressionner Dieu et les autres avec leur parler en langues, leurs dons spirituels et autres. Mais tout cela n’est rien, si cela part d’un cœur de crainte. Toutes ces œuvres ne signifient rien pour Dieu et ne sont pas bonnes en réalité. Toute œuvre doit provenir de l’amour de Dieu pour nous, sinon nous ne sommes rien. Vous êtes juste comme un cuivre qui tinte.

Ce n’est pas que les œuvres ne sont rien, le parler en langues n’est pas critiqué, mais le manque d’amour est le problème abordé ici. Vous devez d’abord connaître Dieu et qui il est….LOVE./ Sinon toutes les bonnes œuvres du monde ne feront rien pour vous ou pour Dieu.

1Co 13:2

Et quand j’aurais le don de prophétie, quand je comprendrais tous les mystères et toute la science, quand j’aurais toute la foi, au point d’enlever des montagnes, quand je n’aurais pas la charité, je ne suis rien.

1Co 13:3

Et quand je distribuerais tous mes biens pour nourrir les pauvres, quand je donnerais mon corps pour être brûlé, si je n’ai pas la charité, cela ne me sert de rien.

Je serai béni et je serai exalté si je donne ma vie par amour. Mais si je le fais uniquement par peur pour sauver ma peau……i ne me profite pas. Je ne serai rien et je ne recevrai rien de Dieu.

La peur et l’amour ne s’entendent pas. Ils sont comme l’huile et l’eau ou la lumière et les ténèbres.

1Jo 4:18

Il n’y a pas de crainte dans l’amour ; mais l’amour parfait chasse la crainte, car la crainte est un tourment. Celui qui craint n’est pas parfait dans l’amour.

Ce n’est que lorsque nous connaissons et réalisons l’Amour que Dieu a pour nous que nous pouvons faire des choses pour le Royaume de Dieu. Sinon, tout notre travail est inutile. Nous ne pouvons pas nous sauver nous-mêmes, c’est futile. Mais Dieu l’a déjà fait par le Christ Jésus ! Nous pouvons nous reposer dans ses bras et ensuite nous pouvons sortir en accomplissant les œuvres que Dieu a déjà prévu de faire pour ses enfants.

1Jo 4:9

En ceci a été manifesté l’amour de Dieu envers nous, puisque Dieu a envoyé son Fils unique dans le monde, afin que nous vivions par lui.

Si nous ne comprenons pas l’amour, nous ne pouvons pas comprendre Dieu. Car Il est la définition de l’Amour.

1Jo 4:8

Celui qui n’aime pas ne connaît pas Dieu, car Dieu est amour.

Ce n’est qu’alors que nos œuvres peuvent avoir un sens

1Jo 4:7

Bien-aimés, aimons-nous les uns les autres, car l’amour vient de Dieu, et quiconque aime est né de Dieu et connaît Dieu.

1Jo 4:12

Aucun homme n’a jamais vu Dieu. Si nous nous aimons les uns les autres, Dieu habite en nous, et son amour est parfait en nous.

Pourtant, Jésus-Christ est venu naître dans ce monde en tant qu’homme. Un homme qui a totalement révélé qui est DIEU dans le corps d’un homme. Puisqu’il était le propre Fils de Dieu ainsi qu’un homme. L’homme n’avait que des aperçus de l’amour de Dieu et ne pouvait commencer à voir l’amour de Dieu qu’à travers des lunettes noires. Les prophètes ont commencé à révéler le cœur de Dieu par petites touches. Mais lorsque le Fils de Dieu est apparu en tant qu’homme, le cœur de Dieu a été pleinement révélé au monde. Il était la parole en chair et en os et il était celui qui a expliqué l’amour en donnant sa propre vie pour nous sauver.

Aucun homme ne peut voir Dieu parce que l’homme n’a eu que des yeux de chair qui pouvaient voir le monde matériel. Lorsque le Christ est venu, ils ont pu voir Dieu. Dieu est esprit et il est invisible pour l’œil physique. Mais lorsque Jésus est venu, ils ont vu Dieu à travers lui. Et maintenant qu’il a donné son propre esprit saint à tous les hommes qui ont cru en lui, ils peuvent aussi voir Dieu par révélation.

Lorsque nous marchons dans cet Esprit du Christ, nous aussi nous montrons Dieu. Quand les hommes nous verront, ils verront Dieu se perfectionner en nous !

Mais tout a commencé par l’Amour et Dieu est Amour. Et parce qu’il l’est, il donne tout à sa création bien-aimée. Même son propre Fils. Lorsque nous réalisons cette bonne nouvelle de la grâce, nous pouvons aussi être remplis de son esprit d’amour. Alors nos œuvres auront un sens. Parce que nous montrons Dieu au monde.


El amor es. La palabra original para amor (agapē) es la misma que se utiliza para describir a Dios en 1 Juan 4:8. “Dios es amor”. Puesto que Dios es la fuente y la definición del amor incondicional, este maravilloso pasaje sobre el amor, también puede leerse como una imagen del verdadero carácter de Dios. Dios es paciente y bondadoso. Dios no se deja provocar fácilmente y no tiene en cuenta el mal. Dios todo lo soporta, todo lo cree, todo lo espera y todo lo soporta. Dios nunca falla.

1Juan 4:8

El que no ama no conoce a Dios, porque Dios es amor.

1Co 13:1

Si yo hablase lenguas humanas y angélicas, y no tengo caridad (AMOR), vengo a ser como metal que resuena, o címbalo que retiñe.

Podemos hacer muchas cosas. Obras sin amor. También podemos estar motivados por el miedo. Miedo de Dios. Miedo del Sacerdote y miedo de la iglesia o miedo de nuestro gobierno. Pero eso no nos va a hacer crecer, Debemos crecer en el amor y prosperar en el Amor. Primero el amor de Dios. Entonces las obras seguirán naturalmente y creceremos para ser como Dios.

Si pensamos que podemos trabajar duro para ganar el amor de Dios estamos engañados por el enemigo. Es una mentira. Somos amados incondicionalmente por Dios porque El es amor y este capitulo de la carta de Pablo explica lo que es.

Este es un cuadro de amor y muchos lo ponen en su refrigerador y lo olvidan.

Esto fue puesto donde esta por una buena razon. Los corintios habian perdido de vista el amor y estaban ocupados tratando de impresionar a Dios y a otros con su hablar en lenguas, dones espirituales y cosas asi. Pero todo es nada, si comienza con un corazon de temor. Todas estas obras no significan nada para Dios y no son buenas en realidad. Todo trabajo debe provenir del amor de Dios por nosotros o no somos nada. Eres como un metal que tintinea.

Hablar en lenguas no esta siendo criticado pero la falta de amor es el problema tratado aqui. Primero debes conocer a Dios y quien es El….LOVE./ De otra manera todas las buenas obras en el mundo no haran nada por ti o por Dios.

1Co 13:2

Y aunque tenga el don de profecía, y entienda todos los misterios y toda la ciencia; y aunque tenga toda la fe, de tal manera que pueda trasladar montañas, y no tenga caridad, nada soy.

1Co 13:3

Y aunque repartiese todos mis bienes para dar de comer a los pobres, y aunque entregase mi cuerpo para ser quemado, y no tengo caridad, de nada me sirve.

Seré bendecido y enaltecido si doy mi vida por amor. Pero si lo hago sólo por miedo a salvar mi pellejo……i no me aprovecha. No seré nada y nada recibiré de Dios.

El miedo y el amor no se llevan bien. Son como el aceite y el agua o la luz y las tinieblas.

1Jo 4:18

En el amor no hay temor, sino que el perfecto amor echa fuera el temor; porque el temor atormenta. El que teme no es perfecto en el amor.

Sólo cuando conocemos y nos damos cuenta del Amor que Dios nos tiene, podemos hacer cosas por el Reino de Dios. De lo contrario, todo nuestro trabajo es inútil. No podemos salvarnos a nosotros mismos, es inutil. Pero Dios ya lo ha hecho por Chirst Jesus!!!. Podemos descansar en Sus brazos y entonces podemos salir haciendo obras que Dios ya ha planeado que Sus hijos hagan.

1Jo 4:9

En esto se manifestó el amor de Dios para con nosotros, en que Dios envió a su Hijo unigénito al mundo, para que vivamos por él.

Si no entendemos el amor, no podemos entender a Dios. Porque Él es la definición del Amor.

1Juan 4:8

El que no ama no conoce a Dios, porque Dios es amor.

Solo entonces nuestras obras pueden significar algo

1Juan 4:7

Amados, amémonos unos a otros; porque el amor es de Dios; y todo aquel que ama, es nacido de Dios, y conoce a Dios.

1Jo 4:12

Nadie ha visto a Dios jamás. Si nos amamos unos a otros, Dios habita en nosotros, y su amor se ha perfeccionado en nosotros.

Sin embargo Jesucristo vino a nacer en este mundo como un hombre. Un hombre que revelo totalmente quien es DIOS en el cuerpo de un hombre. Ya que Él era el propio Hijo de Dios, así como un hombre. El hombre solo tenia vislumbres del amor de Dios y solo podia empezar a ver el amor de Dios a traves de lentes oscuros. Los profetas comenzaron a revelar el corazón de Dios en pequeñas partes. Pero cuando el Hijo de Dios apareció como hombre, el corazón de Dios se reveló al mundo por completo. ÉL era la palabra en carne y ÉL fue quien explicó el Amor entregando Su propia vida para salvarnos.

Ningún hombre puede ver a Dios porque el hombre sólo ha tenido ojos de carne que podían ver el mundo material. Cuando Cristo vino entonces pudieron ver a Dios. Dios es espiritu y es invisible al ojo fisico. Pero cuando Jesús vino ellos vieron a Dios a través de El. Y ahora que EL dio Su propio espíritu santo a todos los hombres que le creyeron, ahora ellos también pueden ver a Dios por revelación.

Cuando caminamos en este Espíritu de Cristo nosotros también mostramos a Dios. Cuando los hombres nos ven ellos verán a Dios siendo perfeccionado en nosotros.

Pero todo empezó con Amor y Dios es Amor. Y porque Él es Él da todo a Su creación amada. Incluso a su propio HIJO. Cuando nos damos cuenta de esta buena noticia de la Gracia podemos estar llenos de su espiritu de amor tambien. Entonces nuestras obras significaran algo. Porque estamos mostrando a Dios al mundo.


Love is. The original word for love (agapē) is the same word used to describe God in 1 John 4:8. “God is love.” Since God is the source and definition of unconditional love, this wonderful passage about love, can also be read as a picture of God’s true character. God is patient and kind. God is not easily provoked and keeps no account of wrong. God bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. God never fails.

1Jo 4:8

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

1Co 13:1

Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charit (LOVE)y, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal.

We can do a lot of things. Works without love. We can also be motivated by fear. Fear of God. Fear of the Priest and fear of the church or fear of our government. But that is not going to make us grow, We must grow in love and thrive in Love. Gods love first. Then works will natural follow and we will grow to be like God.

Fear is not from God but from the enemy, If we think we can work hard to earn Gods love we are deceived by the enemy. It is a lie. We are loved unconditionally by God because He is love and this chapter of Pauls letter explains what it is.

This is a picture of love and many put it on their refrigerator and forget it.

This was placed where it is for a good reason. The corinthians had lost sight of love and were busy trying to impress GOd and others with their speaking in tongues, spiritual gifts and such. But all is nothing, if it starts out of a heart of fear. All these works mean nothing to God and do not good in reality. All work must stem from Gods love for us or we are nothing. You are just like a tinkling brass.

Not that the works are nothing.Speaking in tongues is not being criticized but lack of love is the problem addressed here. You must first know God and who He is….LOVE./ Otherwise all the good works in the world will not do anything for you or God.

1Co 13:2

And though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.

1Co 13:3

And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, and have not charity, it profiteth me nothing.

I will be blessed and become exalted if i give up my life for love. But if I do it only out of fear to save my skin……i doesn’t profit me. I will be nothing and nothing will I receive from God.

Fear and love do not get along. There are like Oil and water or Light and darkness.

1Jo 4:18

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

Only when we know and realize the Love that God has for us can we do things for the Kingdom of God. Otherwise all our work is useless. We cannot save ourselves, it is futile. But God already has by Chirst Jesus!!. We can rest in His arms and then we can walk out doing works that God has already planned for His children to do.

1Jo 4:9

In this was manifested the love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world, that we might live through him.

If we have no understanding of love, we cannot understand God. For He is the definition of Love.

1Jo 4:8

He that loveth not knoweth not God; for God is love.

Only then can our works mean anything

1Jo 4:7

Beloved, let us love one another: for love is of God; and every one that loveth is born of God, and knoweth God.

1Jo 4:12

No man hath seen God at any time. If we love one another, God dwelleth in us, and his love is perfected in us.

Yet Jesus Christ came to be born in this world as a man. A man who totally revealed who GOD is in the body of a man. Since He was Gods own Son as well as a man. Man only had glimpses of the love God and only could begin to see Gods love through dark glasses. The prophets began to reveal the heart of God in small parts. But when the Son of God showed up as a man, The heart of God was revealed to the world fully. HE was the word in the flesh and HE was the one who explained Love by laying down His own life to save us.

No man can see God because man has had only eyes of flesh that could see the material world. When Christ came then they could see God. God is spirit and He is invisible to the physical eye. But when Jesus came they saw God through Him. And now that HE gave His own holy spirit to all men who believed Him, now they to can see God by revelation.

When we walk in this Spirit of Christ we too show God. When men see us they will see God being perfected in us!

But it all started with Love and God is Love. And because He is He gives everything to His beloved creation. Even His own SON. WHen we realize this good news of Grace we can be filled with His spirit of love too. Then our works will means something. Because we are showing God to the world.