Prospecting Minerals

This is my passion too. Digging for minerals. Ever since my father took me to Franklin NJ and News Street Quarry I was hooked on the search for minerals. Crystals are Gods art forms of order.

I was taking a lot of photos in my hotel from previous finds and here I share some of the beauty a camera and the creator can put together.

I finally invested in a better ultraviolet lamp for about 1000 and am happy with it. I have been experimenting with listening to Tangerine Dream while photographing with my older collectibles with Rebel Canon Ti5 with macrolenses and a helicon stacking program.

Then playing with the parameters on the software and the UV lamp I got some nice photos I think:

Blue apatite in white calcite from the Mulvany property Pitcairn NY
Same specimen where the apatite fluoresces blue and the calcite reddish
This piece is from Mulvany properties too. There is dark green diopside crystals on the bottom center. THe surrounding matrix is albite a white feldspar. The bottom left is a crystal of wollastonite with woody patterns

Short wave UV of the same specimen.

Beige honey colored pectolite blades in needles of diopside (?) from the LAB mine in Black lake Qc.
Here is the same specimen under Short wave Ultra violet lamp. The pectolite fluoresced strangly blue and orange in the same crystals.

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