Cowboys on the run

Huns were cowboys too

Cowboys on the run.

Dust a flying in the sun

They are crossing the plains

Deserts cactus to oasis palms

THey be running and running before the storms

Whether on the Amerikan pastoral grass

Or even a  many thousands years in the past

Crossing the open steppes of Asia

In times past lost, these  barbarian hordes

Come rounding up civilization

With leather chaps and armor blood stained

Whipping and raging they come

Chaseing the cattle maybe you too my son

And they be running down the doggies

The cattle and the Bull of the moon

Is rising as the cowboys horses be trained so well

Saddles stirrups and gauchos with boleros

The mongolian hordes on horse back

All driving their cattle to the slaughter

Cowboys across the sky

Where do you think you go when you die

Gold rush and other delusions?

They built the west on Indians skulls

How did the cowboys win the west?

How did the Scythians ride into town

And with their armor, the Huns come down

On horse back and ride just like the Hun

westward they keep coming into the Sun

That they worship and burn incense towards

Rounding up the moon cattle

Cowboys are still on the run.

I played cowboy and soldier for fun

Cowboys turn to soldiermen

Military knights and chivalry then

So they go  into armour and advancing armies

On horse back, faster than the wind

Higher than Roman eagles or Greek fire

They sit on tank backs launching love to all their enemies

And then they watch the babies bleed out

So the red blood sun is in the west

And so the horses carried men to conquer

only the best of the best

New lands in the sunset red man’s oblivion

Stealing land from the shamans

Scalping the long black hair on their head

For glory and gold

For guts and lust

From the knights of malta to the crusaders

To the evangelic tanks bringing peace with a cross

For a false god riding on a white horse

Loping off heads as they go

Will it be yours, will it be mine

The knights speak dark secrets

In their cabalic castle lairs

Bankers hold the reins on all horses

Stallions of steppes raining fear and destruction

Freight trains finally enter San Francisco

Galloping hoofs crushing all

down to the angels in los angeles

red riders covered in blood

And drunk from it

They stop into that ole saloon

Where whiskey pours into glasses

And then the victims are shoot through

With that Wyatt Erp bullet of control

Comming from a Connecticut factory

To make all the great plains great Again!

A white mans dream because

He first got the horses tamed to kill

In Asian steepe, then Persian steeds and Latin squads

Then to the  Amerikas round up

And smother the aborignal native hunters

No more bufallo to roam, just  horses

They roam and grow steel hoofs

Panting clouds of steam down the rail road

They ride with iron treads and metal hoods

That new cowbow can careen down highways

With Harleys on  route 66 to Las Vegas

And chase what ever derelict sin

That the bad ole devil gave them

Now with a  500 horse power

Single Mustang on gasoline

Still rolling over blood bought plains

Cactus scattered with brains

And desert wadis bone dry

From inner Asia and Afganistan

why do they hate our freedom?

Even To the USA  capital of all dreams

The XAnadu of Hollywood pumping myths onto screens

From John Wayne to Ronald reagan

Lost banshees like James Dean

All the horses and the cowbows at the end of the day

Come to the corral to round up the cattle

And brand them in the same way

With the mark for the beast

Just like in the movies and the games we played

And brand them for dinner

The mounted police are the military winner

The Chevalier and his honor

Crush skulls still for pleasure

At every peacenik demonstation

As they lead the beasts to the slaughter house

Out on the range

Get a long lil doggies

I gots to git me pay.


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