A many colored bird was enviously eyed

By all her companions that just lied

Patchwork denim wings

Carried so well on both her sides

How can the bird sing in such croaking noise

As a dying vulture decoys

She is many parts surgically sewn together

Like a GMO Franken turkey

As she flies the skies way high  over head

She is red she’s gold she’s’silver tones

She is the color of hawks blood

Eagle, Canard Duck bones

She is not the real church

But the monster created in a laboratory

A peacock of perfumes to take the place

The other woman

But she smells so sweet

Remember son that cologne is eau de poison

I am tbe Colored Bird she says

And plays the organ hymns

I am the box god lives in

So bow to me and let me put sleep in your eyes

On every pew a slumber party and thighs

Color bird I am she says

As all jealous steeples sharpen their points

Of dogmatic divisions ab derision

She will burn for good

one by one The other birds will get plucked

she of course will be fucked

and so my son if you find

That you are with a colored bird

Or any Zionist vulture

Do not ever look behind



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