Why God are you not listening to my prayers?

Why is God not answering my Prayers?

Jas 4:1

Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires for pleasure that war in your members?

This is the root of Global conflicts but olso the cause of our being angry with God…When we do not get what we want we tend to fight for it. But fighting God is not the way….Surrender to God

That is the way to get prayers answered! Surrender to His way not your own way.

All conflict with God and our fellow men is from our own desires for pleasure.

 Pro 21:17

He who loves pleasure will be a poor man;
He who loves wine and oil will not be rich.

The word here in James 4”1 is Hedone ἡδονή

It is not Joy but is how most people are fooled by the Liar. They think that the sweet things bring Joy in life and they do (sometimes but will let you down) Happiness is dependent of “Happening” When things taste or feel good we are happy but when they are no longer there? We war to get them back, because these are lies and not he way to JOY/  Joy is given by grace and is never disappointed. But Hedonism like lust is all the time.  And it is never satisfied. But the man who is satisfied and hss Joy is richer than Bill Gates with all his money. 

Actually when we mistake pleasure for Joy it can become a dangerous idol that takes our love away from the God of Love. And so we want to fight and war for our pleasures. And in the ancient times it was more obvious that this was idolatry because “Pleasure” Or Hedonism was a religion and the name of the Goddess worshipped was “Hedone”

“The Greek goddess of sensual pleasures. She is the daughter of Eros/Cupid and Psyche, and the grandaughter of Aphrodite/Venus and Ares/Mars. Her Roman counterpart is Voluptas.” Wikipedia

 Jas 4:2

You lust and do not have. You murder and covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war. Yet[fn] you do not have because you do not ask.

 1Ti 6:6

Now godliness with contentment is great gain.

And what is the goal? Tio be happy? Or have Joy? To have the toys or have the Santa Claus himself? Where is the content ment there is rest and peace!

You are not satisfied because you asked to fill up your selfish lusts and not ask for pure JOY which comes from the spirit.

The pleasure of hedonism is always at war with our Joy and will steal our Joy when we have to go through trials. But we even have Joy in spite of all trials and that is satisfying us.

Another trip to Mexico and an orgy. Only brings you to return home to depression. Another candy will only bring you cavities and diabetes. Another woman or man of the newer model will never replace the joy lost of family.

I know from my 69 years of experience that God knows best so I will hang on to the giver instead of the gifts.

Then we can have what we need

Jas 4:3

You ask and do not receive, because you ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures.

How many dollars have I spent on the world? On myself as if I am a god?  And that is hedonism.

Its not Gods pleasures but when we worship the idol of Hedone its always the God of self and that is why we are so sad today in the good ole USA.

 Jas 4:4

Adulterers and[fn] adulteresses! Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.

When we love the world the Kosmos as if God never created it and he left. As we love beautiful things but want to do it without God we fail. The Creation the world was created in the Garden to be enjoyed but only with God. When Adam ran away from God this evil age started and the Kosmos was no longer under the control of Adam or God but the Serpent. He is real but so is God!

When we fall in love with the Creation and our pleasure in place of God we begin to hate God. It is a one person marriage and we are only hurting ourselves when we leave the source of life to do it our way. Only Frank Sinatra got away with that.  When we enjoy pleasures that God designed for us but do it our way we no longer need to thank God and we begin to think God is evil. When we fall in love with this idol we begin to cheat on God to our own hurt, because He is our Father.

Jas 4:5

Or do you think that the Scripture says in vain, “The Spirit who dwells in us yearns jealously”?

Some read this and think it is God or His Spirit is jealous. But it is not what this is saying at all. Spirit in context here is our soul as are human spirit at war with the good God. Where the fruit of this gift of Holy spirit is listed the fruit doen not include “Jealousy” but the list of ungodly works as it between heresies and murders! Gal 5:20-21. No It is not God nature to be Jealous no matter who accuses Him of Being a “Jealous God” HE is not. Just look at Jesus in his life on earth….you will see how God works. Only His enemies were so jealous they nailed Him to the tree.

No this is our battle between the Good God and our flesh pulling us to sin. We re our one enemies.  So do you want peace or war? We need the  Lord of Peace not Hedone.

AND this is the CURE! For all thet ails you Stop fighting God and fight the flesh and sin.

Jas 4:6

But He gives more grace. Therefore He says:
“God resists the proud,
But gives grace to the humble.”

Yes to eliminate God from his creation and make pleasure your God is pride. Father knows better!  Yes replacing God with another toy is Pride. Making yourself God through all your education and psychology self helps and and “self” esteem without God is Pride. Even the Gay pride is not something to be proud of. But only pride to be His and in His hands is good.

Our power house to win this war is not more violence or a million bullets fired from the best machine guns. No it is not revenge and slashing the throats of your brother man. It is putting your “self” in the right place by surrending to God

We then can receive what we need and not what we think we need because the TV told us so. Spend more time reading Gods words and that is the battle to win …Surrender not to the TV but to GOD!

 1Pe 5:5

Likewise you younger people, submit yourselves to your elders. Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for
“God resists the proud,
 gives grace to the humble.

Where did this phrase come from?

 Pro 3:33-35

The curse of the LORD is on the house of the wicked,
But He blesses the home of the just.

Surely He scorns the scornful,
But gives grace to the humble.

The wise shall inherit glory,

But shame shall be the legacy of fools.”

Perhaps it is time to thing of others before our selves and maek others the priority because after all the universe does not revolve around You. There are a lot of people that have more needs than you and need to eat and have shelter. Those rich fools that want to seek Joy by things and robbing the poor.  The Good God will defend those poor and will have to resist you. So the war is not with them to supply your next retirement plan, but maybe with yourself?


Dec 12

Yesterday when I was driving with Bea and Molly to go sledding Bea started crying. She wa complaining about something in French about baccines and I told here it would be alright but did not understand what was troubling my little 8 year old girl. Later I found out. But I got her to change her mind and we had fun

Later I found that our dear Prime minister Legault made a new mandate. All non vaccinated people would be punished by paying a fine or pay for their “free” social medical care. Well Maryse the Grand mother of my 2 granddaughters on their mother’s side. Did not believe in getting vaccinated. She did get covid and survives. She never went into the hospital but had a bad flu for a few days, now she they are coming to get her! She has to pay for her freedom of choice!

We have no freedom of choice if we’ re t to be good Comrades here in my new country. My wife like the programmed is believing the lie that people freezing to death in -25 degree winter in Montreal and big Canadian cities are just people that do not want to seek shelter but refuse it ffor a drug habit. TV told her. So they are just “scrap” and chose to die.   How Nazi!

Bea’s other grandmother is my wife. She is opposite and follows where Maryse does not. My wife is parroting TV and says that the government has to make poor citizens pay for their choice because the hospitals are full of covid cases and it is the ones refused the treatment that are sick. All saw is all of us doubly treated comrades got sick and then locked in home arrest! I CAN SEE I DON’T BELIEVE ANY TV.! I believe Jesus and the truth so God help me!

So now it is true, people are in such a state of psychosis here that the majority of people are brain dead and will automatically do things to hurt their own families!  Here Guylain will ostrsize Maryse. I talked to her through the iphone of Bea and was actually concerned for her health and said I love you. God forgive me for being Christian (sarcasm).

After the last holiday lock down all those in my family that had covid symptoms, tested positive or were locked in a house with sick people are scrambling to take a test for the chance to not take the third injection (why if it is so good for ya?). At the last alcohol party The sad get together to drink our worries away I said “go take the test, you will still have to follow all the boosters anyways” hypocrites do not like the truth  But Jesus the truth still loves them and loves them to the death. (hard act to follow) He spoke the truth and then gave up his life for it.

But Jesus is the way and He is my only way. So here I am where God has called me to be. Tryiong to speak the truth and be the light shining ever more brightly in darkness ever increasing.

Personally, today I decided I am not going to continue this religion of Go vide and let them infect je with lies and injections from the liars. But I did take two so far for my wife and am still here. By the Grace of God. I am learning to live one day at a time with each morning starting m prayer. Each day with uncertainty but He knows the future and He is holding my hand!   Each day I ask Father what shall I do today. Each day repeats like the ground hog day film.

Is my wife going to turn me in to the authorities if I act to Jewish? Is she going to hate me because I am one of the causes of this end of the world plague? IS it my fault really? Well the hypnotized are being told that and they are believing it. As I have seen We are on one side who are baxxed and Maryse their other family member is  one of the “Jews” Sad what I see happening in this dying world. But I have Eternal life an peace, they have anxiety and fear. I have Joy knowing my real future is beautiful and they look jealously at me sicne I am supposed to be depressed. I have the answer but there is a cost and it may even be losing your life on this planet. But who in their right mind wants to stay on this planet in its present state? Maranatha! Come quickly Lord!

I know God is using me to get through to them. I am here for that reason and it is good. I am here to show Bea and Flo the way to Jesus an they are opening up may the Lord continue. May the Lord God almighty place his angels at this door of the Gospel and reach all my family through them! May there be angels placed at these spiritual doors and no demon of hell is able to shut them. That is my h eart and prayer.

We have our grand children sleeping over as well as doing their “school” on line from ere. Grand-Ma and Papooo are here for them since their parents went back to work. (for awhile) and we are the cheap affordably convenient baby-sitters. (and place to learn about Jesus)

Just this morning when I awoke and went down stairs I said “Good morning. In French Bon Matin!” to Bea and she was talking on her iphone and totally acted as if I was not there. Totally and rudely ignoring me. For her own good I grabbed the phone out of her hand and wopuld not give it back until she gave me a civil “good morning “ back.. It took five or six times but thank God Grand ma was with me on this.  And so she did.
Even my wife can see that the next generation are being raised to be iphone Cyborgs and no human. Us who have the last vestiges of human relation are being eliminated. Either due to our eyes failing or memory not being able to compete with 30-year-olds. We are being marginalized and depressed for seeing our hard-earned retirements turn to meaningless dust. But I have a dream now and it is bigger than any vacation trip. They have closed all gyms and want to make all the young generation sick eating pizza paocket and such by door dash. Not me brother I have my own gym in the basement and I am training for the battle with my two grandaughters!

Our Serpent Forefathers

To many this may seem blasphemous. IF so my patriot Christian friends you may want to check if you love the truth or the Fatherland more. This was never taught in any History class I was given in the USA education system, but prove it is wrong and do your own research.


MY COMMENT SOMETIME YOU CAN GET MORE TRUTH FROM THE DEVIL> UNDERSTANDING THAT HE IS THE FATHER OF LIES> he controls “Christian Zionist religion”  and he lets his Blatant servants expose the folly he had foisted on the Americans.

The purpose of this article is to show the truth behind the creation of the U.S of America which is not what the fundies and their jewish masters want you to know. In essence this is the true, hidden and Satanic history of America. Read these before going futher:

New World Order

USA Founding Fathers

“Many leading Serpents of Wisdom were quietly drawing up plans for what was to be a model nation across the western sea. Referred to within closed circles of initiates as the “New Atlantis.” This new land was to be governed by the Serpents of Wisdom elected “by the people and for the people.”

In reality Europeans already new about the new world back into the time of the Vikings as the north American rune stones prove. It’s also been shown many of the Templar’s had bases in America going back to their day. America was the goal of the Free Masons. A nation free of the catholic/jewish grip, and where they could create a nation based on soley Satanic principles. This plan was put into work over a hundred years before the offical revolution.

“Starting in the late 1600’s members of the Free Masons began leaving their comfortable lives behind in order to undertake the long ardous journey across the Atlantic Ocean to become citizens of the New Land of the Phoenix. Once in America they proceeded to organize a cohesive network of Rosicrucian and Freemasonic Lodges within a nation of 13 colonies the ancient number of the Phoenix Dragon. In 1694 a Rosicrucian colony was established in Pennsylvania and by the early 1700’s Freemasonic Lodges were literally sweeping across the new land. By the beginning of the Revolutionary period there was a multitude of common lodges and seven (the number of the Serpent) Grand Provincial Lodges scattered evenly throughtout the Thirteen Colonies.”

“One of the favorite forums of the Freemasons in Boston was the Green Dragon Tavern, where Daniel Webster referred to as “the headquarters of the revolution.” During a frenzied meeting at this tavern a plan was hatched to resist the British tariff on tea by destroying a new shipment of the commodity residing in Boston Harbor. It was decided that on the night of December 6,1773 a group of Freemasons of Saint Andrew’s Lodge would disguise themselves as Native Americans, clandestinely board the tea ships and toss the cargo overboard. This act was to become an unforgiving thorn in the side of the British Crown and a full scale Revolutionary War was declared soon afterward.”

“The North American FreeMasons pooled their resources in order to organize a formidable resistance against their oppressive rulers. They chose the Rosicrucian and Master Mason George Washington to supervise the building of an army and brought over from Germany Freemason Baron von Steuben to instruct the virgin troops in the art of battle.”

“The Colonial Army was a “Military Lodge” and a “Who’s who of American Colonial Freemasonry.” Over 2000 of its officers were Freemasons and out of these at least 100 were generals working directly under Washington. Many high ranking officers were also Freemasonic Grandmasters. Included in this elite list was Washington, Paul Revere and Joseph Warren, the Grandmaster of the Massachusetts Grand Lodge who became famous for sacrificing his life while leading a battalion up Bunker Hill.”

It should also be noted the American Freemasons also had many allies in the British government and military who where also committed to the creation of the New Satanic Nation, and helped to secure the creation of this nation from behind the scenes. It has been noted during many pitched battles, masons on both sides would make the masonic’s signs to each other.

“Following their victory in the Revolutionary War, two important documents were drawn up by the Freemasons in Philadelphia, a city ostensibly named after Philadelphes, the name of the “Supreme Secret Society” of Freemasons in France.”

“The first of their documents, the Declaration of Independence, was authored principally by the Freemason Thomas Jefferson and signed primarily by the high ranking Freemasons, of the 56 signers of the document, 50 were Freemasons, including the Grandmaster John Hancock..”

“After the Philadelphia Convention the government of the United States began to take concrete form as the country’s first President, the Freemasonic Grandmaster George Washington, was sworn in by Robert Livingston, Grandmaster of the New York Lodge. With hordes of attending Freemasons cheering the inauguration, a new “Nation of the Phoenix” was officially born.”

A similar gathering was held in which the cornerstone of the new capital was lain. This ceremony was executed by the Grand Lodge of Maryland and several lodges under the jurisdiction of Washington’s Virginia Lodge. As was his practice, president Washington attended the service in full Freemasonic ceremonial regalia complete with apron.”

“When the wheels of the United States government finally began to turn, the new institution resembled one huge Freemasonic Lodge. Most of the high ranking officials in all three branches of government were either Freemasons or allied with the principles of Freemasonry. While the Grandmaster Washington was presiding over the Executive Branch of the government, John Marshall, a brother master mason from Washington’s Virginia Lodge, was chairing the Judicial Branch as its first Chief Justice. The majority of lawmakers in the House of Representatives and Senate were also Freemasons.”

“Of all the early American Serpents who laid the found work for the new nation, none is more important than Ben Franklin, a Rosicrucian, Freemason and Grandmaster of numerous secret societies.”

“Franklin created the Leather Apron Club, one of the earliest of Freemasonic Lodges in America. It served as a vehicle for “preparing members for citizenship in a yet-to-be-born nation.” Following this, Franklin acquired initiation into a Freemasonic lodge in Philadelphia and was alter elected as Grandmaster over all lodges within the state of Pennsylvania.”

“In order to make the Freemasonic rites uniform within the 13 colonies, Franklin composed and published a series of “masonic by- laws, manuals and constitutions” which served to standardize the rites and philosophies adhered to by the Colonial Serpents. He also published numerous treatises within which he encoded Rosicrucian wisdom along with a “call to arms” to all those ready to join in the fight for freedom. One of his occult literary vehicles was the famous Poor Richard’s Almanac.”

“Franklin’s activity also included membership in the Appolloinian Society, an esoteric fraternity founded upon the rites and principles of the ancient Egyptian and Atlantean Serpents of Wisdom.”

It should also be noted, Franklin, while on diplomatic mission in France lived in the main masonic lodge in Paris and was also initiated into French societies.. He and his masonic brothers in France got France to become involved in the war in America which enabled the final victory of the Satanists and the creation of the New Atlantis. Hence why America has the statue of Liberty. A gift from the French masons to commemorate such events.

Franklin also used the symbol of the Serpent in many of his works.

“Franklin is well known for making his own life a reflection of the spiritual principals he preached to other masons.. He led a pure spiritual life punctuated by vegetarianism and daily meditation. His prodigious philanthropic activities included the creation of numerous libraries, hospitals and firehouses. Franklin was also a crusader for the creation of positive relations with the Native Americans and eventually became an honorary member of various tribes. Through his efforts numerous treaties were created between the North American tribes and the Unites States government.”

“The Freemason and Rosicrucian George Washington is considered the greatest of leaders during the United States earliest hours. Exhibiting spiritually precocious gifts from a young age, Washington was initiated into the Lodge of Alexandria Virginia as an Entered Apprentice when just twenty years old. Two years later he became the lodge’s first Master Mason and later ascended to the degree of Royal Arch, one of the highest of Master Mason degrees. Washington was also honorably inducted into the Mystics of Wissahickon, the American Supreme Rosicrucian Council, which was instrumental in constructing both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.”

“When Washington assumed the office of president he was simultaneously elevated to serve as honourary Grandmaster over all the Freemasonic Lodges in the United States.”

“Washington’s funeral was an elaborate Freemasonic affair. The service was based upon the ancient Egyptian rites of resurrection and presided over by three Freemasons from Washington’s Alexandrian Lodge. Masonic symbols of sprigs of acacia, crossed swords and his apron where placed on his casket.”

“A motion was introduced in Congress by Freemason John Marshall to erect a memorial in honor of the first president. It was decided that the most appropriate monument for the late Grandmaster Freemason was the Egyptian “frozen snake,” the obelisk. Soon afterwords, in 1793, a special ceremony was held in which the Freemason Robert Mills used square, level and plumb, the symbolic tools of Freemasonry, to lay the cornerstone of what was to become a 600 foot obelisk.. The tallest structure of its kind in the world.”

“A Freemason, Rosicrucian and initiate of the French order of the Nine Sisters. Thomas Jefferson was another important Serpent and founding father. An important contributor to both the Declaration and Constitution and under his guidance the first American University was founded in Virginia. Modeled after the Lyceum of Greece and the Alexandrian Museum, Jefferson’s university resembled an ancient mystery academy of the Serpents and offered a curriculum similar to that taught within the Museum.”

“Jefferson was chosen by the North American Serpents to oversee the creation of a “New Alexandria” because of his intellectual and spiritual achievements. He was a recognized adept of most practical sciences including chemistry, botany, anatomy, surgery, zoology, natural philosophy, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, geography, politics and law. He was also an occult genius who had studied the esoteric wisdom and communicated the ancient mysteries through secret ciphers.. His work with ciphers or secret codes earned Jefferson the title of “Father of American Cryptography.”

“In this creation of his “New Alexandria” Jefferson brought together all the most renowned American teachers in both the scientific and religious fields. To house the classrooms of these adepts and their students, Jefferson constructed a campus of magnificent temples similar to those of the ancient Museum. Within the walls of these temples diverse subjects as chemistry, mathematics, religion, philosophy and metaphysics coexisted harmoniously and supportively.