Dec 12

Yesterday when I was driving with Bea and Molly to go sledding Bea started crying. She wa complaining about something in French about baccines and I told here it would be alright but did not understand what was troubling my little 8 year old girl. Later I found out. But I got her to change her mind and we had fun

Later I found that our dear Prime minister Legault made a new mandate. All non vaccinated people would be punished by paying a fine or pay for their “free” social medical care. Well Maryse the Grand mother of my 2 granddaughters on their mother’s side. Did not believe in getting vaccinated. She did get covid and survives. She never went into the hospital but had a bad flu for a few days, now she they are coming to get her! She has to pay for her freedom of choice!

We have no freedom of choice if we’ re t to be good Comrades here in my new country. My wife like the programmed is believing the lie that people freezing to death in -25 degree winter in Montreal and big Canadian cities are just people that do not want to seek shelter but refuse it ffor a drug habit. TV told her. So they are just “scrap” and chose to die.   How Nazi!

Bea’s other grandmother is my wife. She is opposite and follows where Maryse does not. My wife is parroting TV and says that the government has to make poor citizens pay for their choice because the hospitals are full of covid cases and it is the ones refused the treatment that are sick. All saw is all of us doubly treated comrades got sick and then locked in home arrest! I CAN SEE I DON’T BELIEVE ANY TV.! I believe Jesus and the truth so God help me!

So now it is true, people are in such a state of psychosis here that the majority of people are brain dead and will automatically do things to hurt their own families!  Here Guylain will ostrsize Maryse. I talked to her through the iphone of Bea and was actually concerned for her health and said I love you. God forgive me for being Christian (sarcasm).

After the last holiday lock down all those in my family that had covid symptoms, tested positive or were locked in a house with sick people are scrambling to take a test for the chance to not take the third injection (why if it is so good for ya?). At the last alcohol party The sad get together to drink our worries away I said “go take the test, you will still have to follow all the boosters anyways” hypocrites do not like the truth  But Jesus the truth still loves them and loves them to the death. (hard act to follow) He spoke the truth and then gave up his life for it.

But Jesus is the way and He is my only way. So here I am where God has called me to be. Tryiong to speak the truth and be the light shining ever more brightly in darkness ever increasing.

Personally, today I decided I am not going to continue this religion of Go vide and let them infect je with lies and injections from the liars. But I did take two so far for my wife and am still here. By the Grace of God. I am learning to live one day at a time with each morning starting m prayer. Each day with uncertainty but He knows the future and He is holding my hand!   Each day I ask Father what shall I do today. Each day repeats like the ground hog day film.

Is my wife going to turn me in to the authorities if I act to Jewish? Is she going to hate me because I am one of the causes of this end of the world plague? IS it my fault really? Well the hypnotized are being told that and they are believing it. As I have seen We are on one side who are baxxed and Maryse their other family member is  one of the “Jews” Sad what I see happening in this dying world. But I have Eternal life an peace, they have anxiety and fear. I have Joy knowing my real future is beautiful and they look jealously at me sicne I am supposed to be depressed. I have the answer but there is a cost and it may even be losing your life on this planet. But who in their right mind wants to stay on this planet in its present state? Maranatha! Come quickly Lord!

I know God is using me to get through to them. I am here for that reason and it is good. I am here to show Bea and Flo the way to Jesus an they are opening up may the Lord continue. May the Lord God almighty place his angels at this door of the Gospel and reach all my family through them! May there be angels placed at these spiritual doors and no demon of hell is able to shut them. That is my h eart and prayer.

We have our grand children sleeping over as well as doing their “school” on line from ere. Grand-Ma and Papooo are here for them since their parents went back to work. (for awhile) and we are the cheap affordably convenient baby-sitters. (and place to learn about Jesus)

Just this morning when I awoke and went down stairs I said “Good morning. In French Bon Matin!” to Bea and she was talking on her iphone and totally acted as if I was not there. Totally and rudely ignoring me. For her own good I grabbed the phone out of her hand and wopuld not give it back until she gave me a civil “good morning “ back.. It took five or six times but thank God Grand ma was with me on this.  And so she did.
Even my wife can see that the next generation are being raised to be iphone Cyborgs and no human. Us who have the last vestiges of human relation are being eliminated. Either due to our eyes failing or memory not being able to compete with 30-year-olds. We are being marginalized and depressed for seeing our hard-earned retirements turn to meaningless dust. But I have a dream now and it is bigger than any vacation trip. They have closed all gyms and want to make all the young generation sick eating pizza paocket and such by door dash. Not me brother I have my own gym in the basement and I am training for the battle with my two grandaughters!

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