The number one reason we have a feeble church is we preach a feeble gospel. We will never have a strong church unless we preach a mighty gospel.Do you know the difference?

• The feeble gospel says you better love God; the mighty gospel declares he surely loves you!

• The feeble gospel preaches God can forgive you; the mighty gospel declares he already has.

• The feeble gospel says you need to get holy; the mighty gospel declares that in Christ you already are.

• The feeble gospel says you are the Lord’s servant; the mighty gospel declares you are his beloved son.

• The feeble gospel points to your badness; the mighty gospel reveals his abounding goodness.

• The feeble gospel preaches turn from sin; the mighty gospel says turn to Jesus and be free from sin.

• The feeble gospel says God will bless you as you do your part; the mighty gospel declares God has blessed you with every blessing in Christ Jesus.

• The feeble gospel drives you with law; the mighty gospel draws you with love.

• The feeble gospel says God gives and takes away; the mighty gospel declares God gives and his gifts are without revocation.

• The feeble gospel says repentance is what we do in response to sin; the mighty gospel says repentance is a response to love.

• The feeble gospel says God can; the mighty gospel says God will and has.• The feeble gospel says God gives sickness to help you grow; the mighty gospel says he heals all our diseases.

• The feeble gospel says God is counting your sins; the mighty gospel says he has removed them as far as the east from the west.

• The feeble gospel says do something for God; the mighty gospel says look what he’s done for you.

• The feeble gospel says strive to please him; the mighty gospel says strive to enter his rest.

A feeble believer reads this list with a mindset of balance. “God has done his part, now I must do mine.” But a mighty believer insists on Christ alone. “Jesus has done it all, and my part is to rest in his finished work.” A feeble believer believes a feeble me-centered gospel. “I must produce or perish.” But a mighty believer believes a mighty Christ-centered gospel. “Jesus saves me and keeps me, and he who began a good work in me will carry it on until the day of completion.” A feeble believer swallows the lies of dead religion without question. “I need a little works insurance.”But a mighty believer has no tolerance for mixture. “Grace plus law equals law. I will not be enslaved again.” A feeble believer is feeble because they rely on the weakness of their flesh to do that which is impossible. But a mighty believer is mighty because they are relying on a mighty God.A feeble believer fails because they are walking in the flesh, but a mighty believer cannot lose because they are seated in Christ who is their eternal victory. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with you.

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