What a choice!

So you though you had to chose

Between your life or a cruise off the end of the world

And taking a lift from off the surface of space

It is not so bad to be in a mad

Country that locks down the healthy ones

And keep the most healthy on the run

Just a bight from the fang will give you the right to hang

With all your old friends in the fornication bar

Or visit your cathedral of dead global religion

And then if you do not succumb

The masses and your loved ones laugh you to derision

And you thought you had to chose between life and death

And gasped so much at your lost breath

Between the mark of beast and the guillotine

In a insane upside down world you just pass right though

And realize you cannot lose no matter what you do

So take another jab, drink piss and go shopping

Eat a load of lead in your bread

And you will be ok for another day

Gliding on His wings at eagle height

And having his loving arms around you because you are the Light

It was decided a long time ago and your were chosen

Years, no ages and millenia back you were already home

You had the key in your hand all along

You cannot be marked not matter what they do

You cannot be herded into any corral where He is not with you

You are already stamped through your thick hide

And have the ticket for this heavenly ride

Through chaos and enochian lies

You have been marked long ago by angels hands

Sent and sealed by the holy spirits mark

I had surgery and He placed in me a new beating heart

That cannot bend or be a part of this conspirational plot

I am doing what I need to but no matter what you do

My Comforter and I will never be apart.

I am sent and sealed by a flaming spark

Sent and sealed in His own firm grip

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