Border Land

I wandered into the tundra cold

Like a lost hermit in mecca snow

Lost from nation no more flags

Only a medical hybrid paper trail

And now I am dying in the vale

Behind a few weary fir trees

I ask to die but the angels said no

When were you ever really alone

Now I enter my igloo  cavern

Hidden in His hand at every turn

Ravens feed me and whores prayed for me

In the last past miracle laden year

I ran like a wind banshee

Out ran the stallions

But that was a long time ago

When the juices flowed sap

Up to the boing vat

Now I am cold and looking at the other side

Where freedom just might hide

In America or so it was

Soldier spot me infrared scoped

Like a deer in the headlight

Oh if I feel that pellet

And if I cant breath

I will be in the ground where I cant see

Them distracted and pushed by an angel hand

 To leave me and opening to a foreign land

Then a quiet welcome to a camp at home

With a bowl of hot chiar soup.

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