Fear is the silent killer,

She wears robes of many colors

A sacred scorpion that exacts the cost

With just a prick and then your health

Dawn under another black sun

Golden promises uttered by the one

Debunked covid zombie

repeating talking heads

Over and over until the lie get so big’

That it just gets wedged into your lobes

And then steal your life away

Only if you let it!

Fear was never my friend

But he she is at my door pounding

And pounding the mortar away

Pounding a morse code of

Backward glyphs and equations beyond comprehension

You call it calculus or education

I call it mad science

But it will not last the light of day

All you need is love to blow it all away

Sunny skies across the land of wheat and honey

Fear is just a sad raven to be for never more.

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