This is not real and I must go away

Not another of the same old day

REPEAT as I get up like déjà vu

Same not future nothing to do

I pick up the papers

I left for you.

So I have to break free

And make a difference

Have a reason to breath and see

Give until it hurts

I go deep within my treasure chest

To find a spirit where the quiet water rests

And a light to show me all the corners

A voyage to the center of the earth

And somewhere I see the power I was looking for

The future eutopia and peace

Has always been hiding deep inside of me

And now as I lay me down to sleep

In His Hands my soul to keep

I find more time expands

With an explosion of ideas and words

Papers to write and words unheard

Are written every day like a holy production

Without any pay but still winning souls

So do the angels dance and rejoice

And the demons hurt, oh do they hurt

Put Christ on a pedestal

Let Him burn all the pain away

Let no corner be hiden nor lie

So never hide that light

The light the outshines the sky

Then ever day had meaning

From that day on,

It was not what I did 

But what He was doing with my life

That made my journey worth the fight

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