It’s Out of My Control

Its out of my control

So it must be in yours

Here i’m forced by the clarion call

Of the wide screen teaching box

“I am cyborg” you say and I say “that is too bad”

I grieve for your loss of love and loss of life

As you see the seeds are ripe for your destructrion

Mine field traps of doubt and lies

Yes its out of my control but it is in the Architects hand

As he guides the peace over the land

And you claim destruction and tear flesh with your bare hand

Rip your hair out and do what you like

Drive a cold rusty spike of hate or anger

Into the table Yes you can do what you like

I say it is not my problem

But what is my lot and these are my times

I will keep looking for peace and love where it is not

And i will bring down the will of the Maker

And that is peace in the land

Light of a million stars blaze in a darker than abyss sky

Deep you fall as I reach out my hands

Solid rock upon which i stand is called peace

And it can wear you down

Like a faithful hound she will track you down

If you do not have it, it gets all wrong

So sing me another dead sorry song

But were there is love there are  bon fires of so many hoboes

Poor samaritans building more shelters

But you want to make it a business with no profit

And as the economies implode like a dying sun

You grasp the straws, try to fligh your own rocket

You hoard your ton of gold and try to run

But cannot hide from the rising tide

or the scorching sun

When will you give up your fight

You know the one for your life, that is starting to smell

 And I see the world is going to hell

But i will give up and let it go

It is plummeting fast

Sinking so fast down tombs hole

It is so out of my control

Why not just let it go

The one is coming to fix it all

His power like an ocean and i so small

It is so out of our  control

I sit and wait and do what little i can

I speak with the elders and then with the Man

Jesus Christ who done it all

Been there , done that. for ever more

And say Lord it is out of my control

And then die to the dead life you used to call home

And rollover and die to foolish ideas like “I can do it alone!”

Let Him take the reins of your vehicle

Let Him take your body for a spin

Never put on the breaks for He always will win

Give it up He never was at war with you

That was just an illusion in your sight

you held your breath with all your might

But there was Peace in the middle of your little storm


seeing all you did turn to rust

In losing control and falling through that narrow gate

Finding love in the middle of walls of hate

You find the balm of being at home

passing the garden sweet smelling forgiveness

passing you let the gate swing closed

On the front porch rocking in his arms

In the shelter and comfort of a long time past

finally you could take off that mask

return to the old days and forever more

The new beating  heart you always longed for

Its out of my control

So what do you want me to do

Let him do what you cannot do.

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