It seems outlandish to say I was born into a satanic cult.

But, it’s the most important influence in my life.

I was brought up on TV and now Internet.

Yet, I couldn’t see it because, like most people, I was satanically possessed.

We can’t see ourselves.

I’m not talking some minor sect.

I’m talking about society as a whole. The World wide web. Wor

Society has been inducted into a Satanic cult, Jewish Cabalism, i.e. Freemasonry, Communism, materialism.

Our character and perception were determined by Satanists, usually Cabalist Jews and Freemasons.


As a youth, the first thing society taught me was GOD IS DEAD.

The Creator should be worshipped and celebrated. He should be our constant focus.

Instead, like a squatter, He’s been evicted from His Creation.

I learned the liturgy of Existentialism. “Man has to create his own meaning because there is no inherent meaning in life.”

What utter CRAP! Life has inherent meaning. Life is a miracle.

We inherited a temple but choose to inhabit the cellar.

It beggars belief! But hey, that’s Satanism (Communism) for you.


Not Christian Jews but (Cabalist Jews inducted society into their sex cult)

The second thing I learned is that sexual intercourse is the highest experience life has to offer.

It’s mystical!

So, gullible fool, I became a sex addict.

I wasted my life chasing chimeras, sex and romantic love.

You can never obtain an illusion.

The third thing I learned was to chase the buck. So, gullible fool I developed a gambling habit.

The world now is a giant casino where billions of people place bets in real time.

Self effacing idiot, I stupidly assumed society had some kind of wisdom, or moral authority.

The fourth thing was the subtle assumption that human beings are the closest thing to God, infinitely interesting when in fact most are pretty stupid, pretentious and boring.

Getting a PhD in English Literature was like reading entrails, parsing typos in “Great works of art.”

They held some esoteric “truth”.

This was “humanism.”

Post modernism is even stupider. There is no objective truth. Everything is perception.

Bull shit. So sad.

The modern education system is an indoctrination into Cabalism (Communism.)

I spent too much time looking up to other people, instead of looking up to God, the path of my self development.

I was deformed by these “modern” (i.e. satanist) shibboleths.

Twisted out of shape, I was a shadow of what I could have been.

I am still suffering from this indoctrination.


We are drowning in porn and smut.

Modern society is like a doddering idiot watching young women unwrap the same tired old package and pretending it still holds some interest.

Satanists have destroyed the honored social roles of wife and motherhood and turned women into porn stars and whores.

Now that the Satanists have been unmasked, I see how I was corrupted by a society I naively trusted.

And try to regain my human shape.

Gradually, society will also awaken.

I have awoken and I am alive in Christ but dead to this world!

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