Venus was a high mountain

That fell down hard in the vapor trail

Venus was a high mountain

A new season of dirigibles in the upper cloud

Silvery shiny bullets colonoized the space

Over her nipples and down her hair

Venus conquered by her damn slaves

Building pyramids to Hathor

Darting back and forth

THERE she was long long ago.


They called her Ishtar Hathor

A just slut and secret prostitute

And she was not saint or secret

But filled with nauseating filth and scum


Open pit to the masturbation gods

A pit trap for young ripe men to fall in

To enjoy the delicacies of gonorhea

So beautiful photoshoped surface

An Atmosphere crushingly awesome

So thick she will melt your skin

In 700 degree super liquid fun.


Death has many faces

But the worst of all is mask of Delilah

Samson said with face so red

I had to say when I left her bed

I must have lost all my head

At least my eyes? Were they worth it?

I must have lost my head

As I left her bed

And was flying at orbital speed

Crossing outer space in a race

In time to get away and find my way home

I touched the filth

It was wrapped in Aphrodite’s skirt

I fell down and was broken to pieces

On the rock of reality

As my own children i sacrificed on her altars


Oh Venus

You magical mistress of the stars

Eternal prostitute in all the bars

How could I fall

For such a falling star

How could i drink the poison from

An Alien well

How could i drink it

An be so far away from home and think I was well

So far i was a wandering probe

Wasteland wandering Jew

In a Dagon Canaan hell

How could I be so weak

To let her cast her spell


I have had enough

It was time to leave and see

The blue and green life

Find Love again and reconnect

Again with you my Fresh wind

And my pure drink of water

To be refreshed and rescued

Out of this burning world

By my Lord and savior

My hero and big brother

My real Qadesh


Im done now with the backward days

Of the new ocean fog and haze

Im done with the shining orbs

And eastern sunsets

Over the metalic ballons and cocoons

I am so done with the sleepless nights

And fights for nothing

SO done with this world of pressure cooking

Bye Venus and all that stinks

Even your not very pink

I was stirred up to a whinning pace

A rocket launched into the spirit of space

I rose so high and was pulled into orbit

Onward to the heavenly places so far from

All the planetary powers they are no more

SO high above that heavenly body of lust

That turned out to be the second step

From the sun to the grave

And from the grave to escape velocity

He rose and took me in His power

I am so exalted to be here

I grow with you my love

I grow by the hour

My hero My big brother

So far above all the stars, imposters,

the actors in bars

Presidents from Mars.

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