Free Spirit in your sails.

2Co 3:17

Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.

The Lord is Jesus Christ since He rose over all. Before He was Jesus the man. He was the Son of God born into the world as a man. HE died like a man. He was not the Father but Jesus was His Son. When he was anointed He was called Christ. The Messiah, the anointed one who came to save. But He did not save us until He died and rose from the dead. Then He became the Lord Jesus Christ and He is this spirit.

And what a spirit it is! He brought us the Spirit of life, eternal life. He know lives in the inner man. He is our inner man, as He came to dwell in us forever as the Spirit. The gift that the Father and Jesus Christ placed in us is the Spirit of the Lord, Christ in us and like the Father it is called Pneuma Hagion or Holy spirit because that is what we have …..That is the trinity I believe in.

2Co 3:18

But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord.

When the law is taken away we see the Lord. When the masks and veils are taken away, then we can see again. We are no longer blind by the laws and rules that showed us we need help!

We needed a Savior that could take away all the Law and give us freedom

That freedom came not from hiding the truth or covering it in religion. This freedom came by the Spirit of Christ revealing the Truth. He is the Light and the Glory of God.

All of us need a savior not a judge. All of us need healing and revelation not another doctor.

Moses wore the vail of the Law

We who have accepted Jesus,still have masks and hide the truth behind vails. It is time to take them off and see the Glory of God, the Christ in each other’s face. It is time to stop trying to change the world and let Him change us. Then we can change the world by shinning the glory of God from our beautiful faces to the world.

The is what open face means! It means to uncover our faces!

We need no more laws or rules to separate us from His love. We need a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ who is alive and within each of us. We need to look to the Light and that Light of love will burn all the acting religious and so politically correct away.

The word for “With Open face” is “Having an unveiled or uncovered face” Have you ever tried to see something more clearly by covering your face? Hypocricy is blindness, it is wearing a mask to impress others. Yet you are not impressing the Lord. Take it off!

Have you ever seen better relation formed among people wearing masks? Are the smiling at you are are the not? Who could tell? How can you get to know anyone closely and more intimately with a covering over your face? Moses could not get more intimate with the people. The Law was in the way. When we follow rule that go against the rules of love and separate ourselves we lose sight of the freedom and intimacy that godliness is supposed to be.

We cover our faces with our good works to impress God. But works of the law never did impressed God. Only the blood of Jesus did, and that took all the masks and vails off! And when we remove these barriers of our own making, we can see God. He is revealed finally by His own Spirit of grace. We are not saved by anything we do, only by what He did!

“Beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord” When we take off the cataracts of the Old law look at the Gospel of Grace we are saved. It is not a one time even to be saved, you know. It is constant daily salvation and we are being saved and formed until that perfect day when we shall be completed in Him. That will be when Jesus returns to finish conquering death.

We cried out once “Lord save me!” and it was done? Perhaps it was done in our spirit and we where sealed. But sealed for what? If we made Him Lord He is not going anywhere. He has placed His seed of liberty in our hearts. No liberty to sin and be slaves to it. But liberty to be totally free from it.

Since we are in this dead and evil world we need to be saved daily from it. So we should be looking for Him to save us more and more until that perfect day. We should be always looking at The Lord through the Gospel of Grace as we read it. He is in this scripture where we are beholding as in a mirror the reflection of the glory of the Lord. But that Glory lives in us.

Often we try to be religious and force God to do things He already is doing in our life. If only we would let Him. We can if we took off the pretenses and acting and had a real talk with Him. We try to renew our minds as Romans 12 taught us but we have tried to do it ourselves.

Perhaps memorizing more scriptures in the Bible, more classes, videos or meetings. Perhaps more paying the pope or ministers and more and more works. But without a relationship with Love! We cannot renew our selves only He can by His spirit of grace.

In Romans 12:2 it said

Rom 12:2

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

But notice that the transformation is passive not an active verb. We allow ourselves to be changed as the Spirit renews our minds. And as we are changes by a new heart and a new kind of thinking we will not fit into the world systems.

But how can we be changed if we keep on the Vail of Moses and try to work our way there to liberty? IT cannot work with out beholding Jesus and asking Him “Save me Lord and keep on saving me Lord” It is a relation we have entered for the rest of our days when we said “You are my Lord!” And He said “I’m not going anywhere I have always been here with you!”

We can then be changed into the same image as the Lord. As He is so are we do be in this world. Not part of it, but in it. Not allowing the darkness in but shining the Light of Christ into it. Not being filled with the world but passing through it like a frigate fully sailed with His spirit.

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