Cyborgs brandishing liquid circuits and frozen rods

Marching cyborgs  “:Do fast your dirty work!”

Proud to place antennas on Gods skull

And tell the creator to go to hell

Got a better idea in my synthetic mind

I am cyborg after all

Drilled and intertwined with fungus fiber

March on soldiers of doom

Follow your commanding cyber

Go deeper into your wifi room

March on with clicking and ticking valves

Smart watches and A I devices

Stranded in a far away land you are alien

So alien from God green earth

Neither metal or flesh but a isomer bitch

Cybernetic dependence

A crazy brain where you can’t itch

March on bold in your android suit

Sucking out the oxygen from asses

 And apple iphone flatulent gasses

You march from here to nowhere

Winding down that helical stair

Down and down into your

Dna hardware and a few viruses

Placed in the right balmy air

You marchon  cyborgs gladly to hell

Your are virtually entertained

Death is no fantasy we know so well

After Sunwing Mexican orgies

Hiding  behind an electric shroud

No signal! dead zone! Upload! Download!

Thirst for water, then rains from the cloud

Only bloods rains onto the proud

Only shards of satellites fall from black

Piercing your heart sending you back

Beyond the cloud, the sky you walk, my cyborg love

Just over the horizon, you hover my dove

In the waves and cycle that God wrote

When he commanded the breakers

To lift up just one boat

When He planned the new Zion

To be replaced and washed away

And beast and dragon go drano

Multi headed high on an  ultraviolet ray

My cyborg is all machine

Strong and plastic

Synthetic and pathetic

Here Stands the cyborg

Satans candy melting away

At the dawn of the real MAN.

Melt my cyborg and burn bad flesh

A stench for some but perfume for the rest

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