Some photos

I have two passions besides the Truth. Both deal l with the beauty of Gods nature. A wiseman noticed that the closer you look at things God created, the more perfect they get but the opposite is trur for everything mans gets his hands into.

Take for example a pretty penny and then use a microscope and will see there are imperfections galore, like scratches, impurities and holes that where not in man’s design. Then the more powerful the lens you use, the greater are imperfection. But now if zoom in with optical scope into Gods creation. Mineral kingdom , Vegetal or Animal it is perfect.

The closer look the more order and perfection you see. You will find crystals or cells all following logical order with repeating laws. Then go deep to the molecules that make crystal lattices or determine the dna of your mortal coil, it is still perfect. And go deeper, atoms, orbitals, bond and molecules, to subatomic and beyond you will see they all spin with certain God ordained rules. As well the megaverse and the order of the stars.

Well I was doing some scuba diving in Mexico in 2019 and I will share some photos sometime.

But lately I have been using my man cave for a photography studio and going through a lot of macrophotos with a helicon stacking program

I want to share why i chose the name truthprospector. The reason is I love to prospect for true things. The best are in Gods creation untouched by the human hand. But best of all is the Word of the Creator, which is The Truth and His name is Jesus.

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