Long walk home

The thin wisps of vacuum ether

Drown my conscience and i fall beneath her

Onward a cours is set by law of orbit

Over the poles of mars

Over dry ice and iron dry desert

I take the propofol highway down I fell

Soon to see inside of red hell

Frozen in a dead desert scene

In this war god planet’s dream

Where no one can ever scream

Or be heard from again in oblivion

How long is the wait in nothingness

When can my Nasa nazi saviors

Come streaming down in their angel suits

 Like so many cinders falling down

To dead sterile marsian sand

Death of a 6 million bombs in nuclear past

 A new world of death is finished at last

And you grappled with me for you last gasp

And try as you might you were in my grasp

Over the poles of mars. my chariot rides

On Gods wings at the eagle height

And over the riddles of ancient stories

 Lost in unknown treasures of the core

Never to be told anymore

But covered burried for six million years

And restart in the new world green

In eden there was no machine

Another redesign by the grace of His hands

And all is well on earth  or so  it seems

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