Rings of Satan

A new year in the age of aquarius

Planets all aligned to your satisfaction

Dials circuits and waves

All burning into your brain

And smell the fried critters

And lobes of French fritters

As a virus flows down your virtual reality

Until artificial intelligence just does not compute

As star waves come to conclude

That infinity is beyond saturns ring

Twelve moons beyond and a few interior

Aquarius pours his water down the spout

Right over the ammonia cloud

And into your mouth

It does not compute, love does not compute

BREAKING ROCKS on the anvil of my heart

I tried to find peace from the crushing sparks

But heard the throb pounding in my heart

So many dreams for fun and money

Have been surgically removed from behind my eyes

Cut and ripped from inside her thighs

A new born light gray thing from the dead center

You draw close to me but I run away

The light of the heat is to much to take


I see pain drip red

Melt on your pottery stand

As you were nailed to the rule

And I stand up watching from my stool

I see the see the dream

As the Lion of Judah rips dark apart

And places me quietly down

In a peaceful valley with milk and honey

Deep in the carved places under my heart

I feel blown apart and so small

As the sun rises on my titan planet

Aqe of  zodiac and binary stars

Neither mean anything in the halo of holy whores

Nothing beyond your tidal grasp

Nothing moves without loves last gasp

Nothing changes but the change of the clocks

So Chronus bights your flesh smocks

Noting matters and Saturn mocks

But the Sun shines on.

The only way is the door to life

But taking all the beatings

That get you through

Through the narrow gate

Through the narrow gates

We sail our hopes and dreams

Cornered in our own chess games

Check mate and the queen is no whare to be seen

Only in your wet dreams you had last night

DO not let the bed bugs bight!

Awoken again broken again I still move on

Pressed beyond measure through that knothole again

Alive another day to thrive, I press on

I watch the screen until I feel the vibration

Beats its last and I die

I feel the vibration of life electric

Ground out

I see the screen form words

That should never been heard

Pitbulls unleashed out of the executioners mouth

I touch the tablet

And its ten commandments come

Digitally slicing my fingers to ribbons

I touch my eyes

Razors licking inside my soul

Slicing and dicing my days to death

And a million boredoms until

I am born again and again

With new life streaming and uploaded

I have a friend who is my ghost

HE loves me this I know

Empty sheet I carry where ever I go

He fills me up past my brim

I am so alone I need Him

But on the road to Damascus

I fell down so blinded by the Light

But now I see in my  kaleidoscope vision

Oh I can see so well

The rings of Satan and a hex from hell.

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