Hermes father of Bullshit

Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the desert so must the Son of Man be lifted up so that who ever believes in Him may have eternal life

Hermes seal was the first hermetically sealed glass tube

Made with alchemy burning iron for magic gold

Now we mix one snake on a pole

Not elemental transmutation of old

No more philosopher stone

No more idiot gold lovers

Replacing the love of God

Through alchemist failed dreams

Of Get rich gold making machine

But a money maker

Every one needs health! Love! Peace! And Joy

Sell them Ecstacy, THC and Prosac

Even if they can’t work

Gods of the snake and demons of ascepulius

Leaving Moses and running back to Egypt

Hermes and Toth are one black angel

Pharmakiea Alchemy Witches Brew

The snake Asceplius is on the pole

Yet he never did anything for you

Then the health symbol is the double standard serpent Caduceus

The quick silver tongues lie so well

All the devil taking control

Imposter mimics Jesus to hell

One from the Gods of healing

The other from Hermes the messenger

A new idol called Nehushtan

Selling us anything he can to make us feel good

Mercury had his caduceus winged thing

That sold us the Pharmacy kraft

On His winged heals running to and fro

From every American Television selling

Just the right pill for what ails you

More hair, prostrate in order with libido OH HAPPY DAY!

Never mind the snake on the pole

That Moses knew was Sin nailed to the cross

No more prayer or a hallelujah

The way to life is replaced by two snakes

With the meaning lost so many eons ago

Counterfeited, replaced, and plagiarized

The real healer eclipsed by this  ascepelius imposter

Hermes was a drug dealer

And a great one he was

He could lock you up in you house

And say it was for your health
take your medicine then you can come out

He can claim to bring all the healing to the world

With that Satan on the stake

But make not mistake

With out ever seeing the  cross

You will get sick and be lost

Take a pill and then another vaccine

Blood pressure is the silent killer

No I think it is disinformation

Pumping your mind on every screen

Lies believed as truth are like arsenic candy

But the doctors and nurses have to feed their family!

Too bad they cannot cure themselves of greed

And we follow them as slaves to the grave

And never see the control

Due to another  health app on your phone

Hermes Toth superheroes all say they can control your disease

But the CDC never lets you go free

Big business when the snake pulls trillions of dollars

To save us from some new bug

And makes sure you and your family will never hug

Wicked piece of brass you must fall down

Soon the merchants of the world too

Like the Pfizers and Rockerfellers

Will see their empires crumble

And all their plans short circuit and burn

New light and new life

As soon as they melt in Gods crucible

May they Bubble, spit and churn.

left alone forever in that funeral urn.

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