A Student Engaged

I am a student and I am engaged

But critical thinking is common to the core

Buzzwords tire my mind like a whore

Guided reading makes me enraged

Globalism is only an exit strategy

Spiraling down to the abyss

For empowerment by diversity

And other garbage you learned at the university

Oh the new paradigm!

The New world order’s big reset

Set on her throne of splendor called the new normal

A sea of Change and now a paradigm shift

Under a once in a century alignment

Of Jupiter who covered Saturn evil star

We are the millennial warfighters

Waging a spirit war in the heaven

Space force warriors in their stations

Buy the enabling serum!

DRILL DOWN! Your not entitled

But drink the blood anyways

No more story telling or hurding of cats

In a sustainable playpen

Be on the bleeding edge of the block chain

UN Agenda from hell eutopia

Sustaining some equally

But sustaining some a lot more

They tell you to be happy with nada

And smile on the floor as the boot presses down

So Church webinars and AI bots

Cannot solve the sustaining problem

Who holds every thing up?

Who supports the earth

And not just the earth

The Universe and all creation is Gods

He is our sustainability

perfect Eternity needs no one to sustain

He is our sun and light

He sustains the whole deep webbed world in His hands.

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