Is the soul Immortal

This belief of the soul surviving and being immortal without a body came f.rom the Egyptian religion and Babylonian religion. Then it was packed in Greek Philosophy and Platonism. Yet this did not make it Biblical or correct. It was absorbed by the so called church Fathers and accepted by the Roman Empire Church. This was never ever taught in Gods Word. Just need to read the scripture and stop following traditions of men.
These mainstream Christians denigrate us who believe in the waiting for the Blessed Return of of Savior as believing in “soul sleep” And I think sleep is such a blessing when you know who you will wake up to see.
But the Catholics will have a hard time having intercession for the dead if they are really dead.
Séances will be out of business because the familiar spirits will be exposed
No more powerful prayers for the departed souls!
We are in heaven ans supposed by our Lord to bring Heaven to earth. We are not going to be playing harps and eating chocolate on the cummulus clouds. Now will not even need to knock knock on heavens pearly doorss! All myth. We will be eating the roots under the clods in our graves. But what a peaceful sleep to be waiting for our heavenly bodies and ever be with our Lord
We may not have immortal souls but we have the Eternal Spirit by the Faith of the Son of God

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